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2009 Product Innovations



Hardware, Software or Service: Hardware

Launched: November 2009 (New)

What it does? Actiontec's V1000H Wireless N VDSL Modem Router is a residential powerhouse that packs in a wireless N radio Gigabit Ethernet switch and WAN port dual-core 32-bit processor support for HPNA (LAN and WAN) and superior memory architecture. With support for VDSL2 HPNA 3.1 (HomePNA) and Gigabit Ethernet on the WAN side the V1000H provides unprecedented deployment flexibility. Carriers can now use the same CPE device across all their deployment regions (in metro areas rural) meaning there's just one SKU to manage one product to support less inventory to handle and upgrading customers to faster speeds is seamless.

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Innovative products such as Actiontec's V1000H are bringing improvements in performance and application versatility.

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What makes it Innovative? The V1000H is one of the only routers available that can support virtually ANY broadband network deployment. As a result carriers can save operational costs by deploying on modem across their entire network. Plus the V1000H is one of the most powerful triple play modems available. Support for Java Virtual Machine/Java Runtime Software lets carriers seamlessly enable applications as they're ordered without a full-scale firmware update.

Targeted Users: Broadband carriers in the US and Canada

Satisfied Customers: Yes, vendor claims satisfied customers.

Company: Actiontec Electronics
760 North Mary Avenue
Sunnyvale CA 94085 USA
Tel: (408) 752-7700

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