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2009 Product Innovations


Process Director

Hardware, Software or Service: Software

Launched: October 2009 (New)

What it does? Process Director is unique patent-pending software that fuses project management methodologies with Business Process Management (BPM). As a result of this fusion sophisticated business processes can now be defined and modeled through a project management like interface and business users can now define and model the non-linear activities that comprise their business processes. With Process Director business processes no longer need to be modeled in structured flow charts or defined by rigid sequences. Instead Process Director models these non-linear activities recognizing their conditions constraints and dependencies then uses predictive analysis to determine if a future activity is likely to be completed on schedule or be delayed.

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BP Logix
Innovative products such as BP Logix Process Director are bringing improvements in managing business processes with superior functionality and new technologies.

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What makes it Innovative? Process Director provides organizations with an alternative to traditional workflow-oriented BPM products which require business processes to be represented in flow charts. What makes Process Director unique is its ability to automate complex non-linear processes without requiring users to change the way they do business. .Based on a deep understanding of both business and IT roles Process Director automatically models automates and graphically depicts the business process as a Gantt chart accurately detailing the dependencies and the duration of each activity within the process. Process Director represents the first time a BPM product has the ability to address non- linear activities no longer forcing them to be modeled in flow charts or defined in rigid sequences. The patent-pending software introduces a new approach to BPM that enables organizations to view all activities that must occur within a process while also recognizing that their order does not necessarily follow a specific rigid sequence. Ultimately this new technology represents an opportunity for organizations to expand the activities they can automate and streamline significantly reducing operational and labor costs. Key Differentiators: Addresses "activity-based" processes (versus traditional flow or approval-based BPM) Exists as a layer on top of BPM and work flow automation functions. Specifically designed to automate track andreport on complex non-linear processes. Provides predictive analysis of processes to alertto future problems. Delivers timeline-based automation. Offers a distinctive approach to process management that incorporates project management methodologies.

Targeted Users: Process Director has been developed for enterprise users but is also successfully deployed at the departmental level.

Satisfied Customers: Waterton Residential and Polo Ralph Lauren

Company: BP Logix Inc.
640 Escondido Ave. Ste 104,
Vista CA 92084 USA
Tel: (760) 631-4560

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