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2009 Product Innovations

Internet Filtering


Hardware, Software or Service: Hardware (with separate SKU for software license)

Launched: March 2009 (New)

What it does? Optinet™ is an advanced secure Web gateway appliance that optimizes an organization's Internet connection. It can be used to prioritize business-critical traffic and de-emphasize or even eliminate non-critical traffic. It enables bandwidth allocation at the corporate department or user level and provides detailed reports on usage, ensuring the best use of available bandwidth. Benefits include: the allocation of more bandwidth to mission-critical sites and hosted applications; limiting non-critical traffic use by specific sites users or groups; and deep packet inspection, which enables management of HTTPS traffic, too. Plus, Optinet blocks dangerous anonymous proxies.

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Black Box Network Services

2010 Product Innovations - Network Products Guide

What makes it Innovative? With the increased use of video and Flash animation on typical Web pages and the explosion of Web 2.0 sites, the amount of bandwidth used by the average organization has risen dramatically. Couple that with the push to cloud computing or software as a service (SaaS), and most companies' Internet connection has gone from primarily an e-mail-delivery tool to a mission-critical lifeline for their business. Companies are rightly discovering that traffic and VoIP packets should not be treated equally at the gateway. And Facebook updates should never interfere with a hosted CRM package or an on-line billing Web site. Firewalls are critical parts of the security fabric of any network, but they can't address the complex issues presented by the Internet in 2010.

Only a deep-packet-inspection appliance sitting inline — directly behind the firewall — can help organizations harness the best of the Internet and keep the rest to a minimum. The Optinet deep packet inspection engine provides unparalleled visibility into exactly what type of traffic is going through a business' gateway then provides it with the tools to decide what is important and what isn't. Armed with this information, Optinet helps to establish simple yet powerful policies to optimize the important traffic, minimize the casual traffic, and block the dangerous or illegal traffic. This makes Optinet a premium content filter, a bandwidth shaper and WAN accelerator, and an Internet security appliance — all in one box.

Most technology on the market can only do one of things: filter out spyware and other on-line threats, filter content by blocking URLs, or allocate bandwidth. Optinet does all three. Additionally the content filtering doesn't simply block employees from going onto unwanted Web sites. It provides dynamic real-time multilayer content filtering. Plus it gives users access to the content they need with real-time, dynamic URL categorization; URL database matching; URL keyword search.

Targeted Users: Small and medium businesses that want to save money by allocating their bandwidth more effectively. Healthcare organizations that want to provide Internet access to patients but not have that "casual" traffic interfere with mission-critical medical imaging or on-line billing processes. Government entities that want the most up-to-date malware and virus protection plus dynamic content filtering and anonymous proxy blocking. Any size organization that uses Web-based applications and software as a service (SaaS) (e.g., Medicare billing hosted file storage etc.). Organizations using VoIP; while they can implement QoS to maximize packet flow on the LAN, they need Optinet to maximize those packets through the gateway. Organizations that have limited bandwidth because of geography. K-12 schools that want to comply with CIPA regulations; most other gateway products are susceptible to filter-avoidance methods like anonymous proxies. Because of its unique deep-packet inspection engine, Optinet recognizes and blocks anonymous proxies.

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