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2009 Product Innovations

Business Transaction Management

CoreFirst 3.0

Hardware, Software or Service: Software

Launched: September 2008 (Upgrade)

What it does? CoreFirst for Business Transaction Management provides 24x7 cross-tier transaction visibility from the business and IT perspectives. With CoreFirst application owners and infrastructure managers can see which business transactions are being processed by every server and tier in their domain. It assures the quick and successful execution of all transactions"managing every step of every transaction executed on applications tiers. CoreFirst's patent-pending Active Context Tracking technology associates all work units with the logical business transactions to which they belong in real time to deliver unparalleled visibility” eliminating outages for more effective change management improved end-user experience and reduced costs.

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Innovative products such as OpTier’s Experience Manager and CoreFirst 3.0 are bringing improvements in transaction monitoring and application performance.

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What makes it Innovative? OpTier pioneered the concept of Business Transaction Management and that transactions are where IT and business meet. Of the billions of business transactions conducted every second more are assured by OpTier's CoreFirst than by any other IT management software. CoreFirst delivers end-to-end visibility (business context performance availability SLA compliance flow topology resource consumption etc.) of all transactions across all execution tiers within the IT environment all the time. It monitors tens of millions of transactions per day and reveals how changes in IT impact the business and how changes in business practice impact service quality. This gives IT the capability to prioritize transactions and management processes based on business context.Specifically CoreFirst enables IT managers to:Identify issues quickly to avoid outagesCoreFirst continually benchmarks business transaction performance and alerts when SLAs are breached usually well before specific system and component monitors notice a problem. CoreFirst can benchmark application tiers and provide complete visibility into business transaction execution on any tier enabling rapid problem isolation and resolution. Isolate production problemsCoreFirst retains a full record of every business transaction executed that includes the time spent and resources consumed at each tier. CoreFirst also shows chatty transactions bottlenecks and tier-specific metrics from a transaction perspective. When an issue is reported instead of getting all the different support teams on a bridge call CoreFirst can quickly isolate the issue by transaction tier affected users and geography. With this information the correct team can be assigned to restore service and fix the problem. Reduce latency of business transactionUsing business transactions CoreFirst identifies latency and inherent design flaws that impact overall performance. CoreFirst automatically calculates the chattiness of every transaction and pi

Targeted Users: OpTier sells into Global 2000 organizations with complex IT infrastructures.

Satisfied Customers: Avery, Dennison, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley and Wachovia among others.

Company: OpTier
130 W. 42nd Street,
New York NY 10036 USA
Tel: (212) 679-2700

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