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2009 Product Innovations

Access Compliance and Risk Management

Courion Access Assurance Suite version 8.0

Hardware, Software or Service: Software

Launched: February 2010 (Upgrade)

What it does? The Courion Access Assurance Suite solution version 8.0 is the first solution that combines comprehensive Identity and Access Management (IAM) with sensitive data management, user activity monitoring, automated remediation, and advanced analytics on user access to help enterprises manage the level of risk in their organizations. The product helps enterprises integrate disparate islands of sensitive information from data loss prevention (DLP), security incident event management (SIEM), and other sources so they can put individual user activity into context and then take appropriate action based on policy. It automates the discovery, validation, remediation, and reporting of security and compliance data while engaging business managers and lightening the load on IT staff.

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2010 Product Innovations - Network Products Guide

What makes it Innovative? With this release Courion introduces Sensitive Data Manager and User Activity Manager, two new products that deliver vendor-agnostic integration with all leading DLP and SIEM technologies and other user activity data sources. This enables organizations to map user access information against sensitive data requirements and user activity, providing a more holistic view of user behavior and helping to improve compliance with a broader range of regulations. This process of effectively combining detective and preventive controls in one system significantly reduces costs, increases security management, and improves data protection throughout the corporate network and in the cloud. Through its ComplianceCourier access certification and compliance management solution, version 8.0 fills one of the greatest enterprise compliance needs by automating the identification, validation, and remediation of access inconsistencies without requiring an enterprise provisioning solution. New capabilities within the 8.0 release of the Courion Access Assurance Suite include:

  • Sensitive Data Manager improves compliance with sensitive data protection requirements through integration to industry-leading Data Loss Protection (DLP) solutions enabling the correlation of sensitive data information with access rights role and profile information. When the DLP solution identifies sensitive data organizations can view which users actually have the ability to access that information and take action if needed to remediate and remove access according to policy.

  • User Activity Manager improves compliance with user activity requirements through integration with industry-leading Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technologies. Organizations can view the resources users have accessed and how this compares to the access policy. The ability to see who is using what applications is also beneficial in avoiding "over-provisioning" or paying user license fees or maintenance on systems.

Targeted Users: Enterprises of greater than 1000 employees across all industries and geographies.

Satisfied Customers: Vendor has a number of customers in various stages of products with select features and functionality.

Company: Courion Corporation
1881 Worcester Rd Framingham MA 01701 USA (Tel: 508-879-8400)

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