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2009 Product Innovations

Unified Communications

Ensim Unify Enterprise Edition Version 2.7

Hardware, Software or Service: Software

Launched: March 2009 (Upgrade)

What it does? Ensim Unify is an infrastructure management and user provisioning software solution that provides identity management change audit & reporting and automated provisioning automates to proactively enforce compliance policies while improving IT efficiency by eliminating manual processes across the unified communications infrastructure. Version 2.7 enables enterprises to more easily meet compliance directives through automated enforcement of IT policies as well as plug security holes such as misconfiguration of security groups and improper passwords by eliminating reliance on manual processes or scripts. Using a secure web-based management portal Ensim Unify automates and standardizes common IT tasks for Active Directory MS Exchange BlackBerry® Windows Mobile Office Communications Server and more.

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Innovative products such as Ensim Unify are removing the complexity from provisioning and configuring applications through automation. Ensim Unify enables enterprises to improve productivity, lower the total cost of ownership in managing applications, and reduce the burden on their IT departments, while offering the least disruption to their existing infrastructures.

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What makes it Innovative? The most significant difference about Ensim Unify from its competitors is that it offers 90% of all its role-based provisioning capabilities out-of-the-box for supported applications like Active Directory Exchange OCS etc. virtually eliminating the custom development required by framework products. Competing products to Ensim Unify all require professional services. Invoices for such products account for 50% of fees on licensing and the remaining on integration work meaning enterprises usually aren't able to realize the benefits from these types tools for many weeks or months. SMEs investing in Ensim Unify are able to reap its business and technical advantages almost immediately. On the business side Ensim Unify helps reduce manual errors minimize downtime lower the cost of administration and increase productivity which has the potential to impact 80% of the cost of maintenance and administration of these services per year. Using Ensim Unify SMEs are able to refocus their efforts on strategic IT initiatives and can save as much as 20% of their IT budget on average. On the technical side Ensim Unify offers identity management and automated user provisioning across multiple applications including health monitoring for applications and server resources as well as efficient capacity allocation tracking analytics and extensibility. It installs in a few hours as an overlay to an organization's existing IT environment meaning no Active Directory (AD) schema changes are required helping to minimize implementation efforts and resources and create a strong security framework. The simple installation process requires no professional services or complex integration with existing systems.By removing the complexity from provisioning and configuring applications through automation Ensim Unify enables enterprises to improve productivity lower the total cost of ownership in managing applications and reduce the burden on their IT departments.

Targeted Users: Small & Medium Enterprises, Large Enterprises. Service Providers

Satisfied Customers: Yes, vendor claims satisfied customers.

Company: Ensim Corporation
2900 Lakeside Drive Suite 230
Santa Clara CA 95054 USA
1-877-MY-ENSIM (Toll free in the US)

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