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2009 Product Innovations

Mobile Solutions

Globaltel Media Mobile Campaign Manager and Alirti

Hardware, Software or Service: Software/ Service

Launched: May 2009 (New)

What it does? Mobile Campaign Manager (MCM) and Alirti enable businesses to design develop and manage mobile campaigns with the ability to deliver rich content via patent-pending MMS on SMS that includes audio video and images from the Web to mobile devices. Businesses can choose branded keywords; enter any number of 160 character messages; upload manage segment and export mobile lists; and take advantage of real-time reports including capture of free-form dialog on campaign results. Alirti delivers the rich MMS content users need over a simple SMS text message. The system enables organizations to reach over 265M US citizens without a change in their wireless carrier plan or device.

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Globaltel Media

2010 Product Innovations - Network Products Guide

What makes it Innovative? Globaltel Media's technology closes the chasm between online and mobile communications connecting those who are online to others who are on the move without the need for an expensive Internet data plan high-end smart device or specialized mobile application. Using Short Message Service (SMS) commonly known as text messaging Globaltel Media links the PC with the mobile phone to enable truly managed two-way text communication. Regardless of cell provider or phone manufacturer Globaltel's solutions allow companies and organizations to easily link online and mobile users. All solutions are permission-based and strictly adhere to no spamming or no data selling programs. Customers can manage delivery of content to enhance a company's brand collect valuable opt-in consumer data and increase revenue. Globaltel Media makes it possible to keep companies and organizations connected with their most important people anytime anywhere. Companies also have the ability to leverage easy-to-use APIs to white-label their products and integrate their marketing campaigns with websites with everything from customized product images to lifesaving medical information. Installation is simple allowing businesses to rapidly begin mobilizing content. Combining both the MCM and Alirti capabilities provides healthcare, public safety, entertainment and education organizations with two-way emergency and casual communications."

Targeted Users: Enterprise, healthcare, education, public safety, entertainment and government.

Satisfied Customers: Yes, vendor claims satisfied customers including the Boston Celtics Tampa Bay Buccaneers Coca-Cola Children's Hospital UCSD USC Sanuk Pacific Sunwear LiveNation State Farm Insurance Dell Computers and Kraft Foods who are experiencing astounding results with opt-in rates for campaigns averaging more than 90 percent.

Company: Globaltel Media
4653 Carmel Mountain Road Suite 308-508
San Diego CA 92130 USA
Tel. 1-888-698-9773

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