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ILINX Capture version 4.0

Hardware, Software or Service: Software

Launched: January 2010 (Upgrade)

What it does? Launched in September 2008, ILINX Capture is a browser-based application allowing anyone in an organization to simply capture all types of information right at their desktop. With easy-to-use and manageable workflows, this tool automates the capture of information from both paper and electronic sources, converts it into functional information and delivers it in a variety of digital formats (XML, PDF, TIFF, JPG, ASCII) to the systems that manage your business processes.
ILINX works with the following devices:

  1.  Fax machines
  2.  MFPs
  3.  Desktop scanners
  4.  TWAIN & WIA Supported scanners
  5.  Multi Function Peripherals using OnRamp integration technology 
  6.  Multi Function Devices
  7.  Fax Servers
  8.  Network Shares
  9.  API Integration push/pull

Perfect for transactional or distributed capture, ILINX is powerful enough to be used in production scanning environments. ILINX Capture is designed to securely streamline information management, enable compliance and extend the capture of information organization-wide.

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ImageSource, Inc.
Innovative products such as ILINX Capture are bringing improvements in the changing landscape of the capture market.

2010 Product Innovations - Network Products Guide

What makes it Innovative? With its thin-client architecture, ILINX Capture can be utilized anywhere, as long as the user has Internet access. The time required for deployment and basic operation training is a fraction of traditional scanning software. With no page count licensing, and fewer required IT resources, ILINX quickly provides ROI for users.

ILINX Capture’s easy-to-use interface and workflows, allow users to leverage this technology for an endless number of business processes, both small and complex. Because it can be deployed to literally everyone within an organization, whether in one or one hundred disparate locations, ILINX provides a channel for Information to flow efficiently through the enterprise. Traditional capture solutions tend to create a limited, controlled point of entry, to which documents are transported, using considerable resources including shipping costs and time. ILINX Capture allows organizations to distribute capture points of entry throughout the enterprise, creating multiple onramps that speed transactions. Organizations benefit through reduced or eliminate costs associated with transportation, duplication, distribution, retrieval and labor. Additionally, distributed capture can enhance customer service, reduce the number of lost or misdirected documents and enable responsible environmental practices in regards to paper and energy usage.

Because deployment and user competency is so efficient with ILINX Capture, multiple user communities can leverage the infrastructure quickly. Please see the below table of a time and price comparison.


ILINX Capture

Cost for ILINX Capture

Traditional Scanning Solution

Cost for Traditional Scanning Solution

Time to Deploy per Desktop

1 minute or less


30 minutes or more


Time to Deploy 500 Users

1 day


1 month


Page Count Licensing





Time to Train User

30 minutes


3 days


ILINX Capture stands alone in its ability to create flexible document capture processes. No programming is required. Many Enterprise Class features are included for managing large sophisticated capture processes, such as process templates. It has the ability to import and export processes between testing, development and production capture systems. In addition, ILINX Capture is integrated with Active Directory Services and LDAP for management of user accounts on a large scale deployments.

The ILINX Workflow technology DOES NOT require code to deploy workflows. A one-of-a-kind document workflow engine powers the ILINX Capture system. Developed by experts with more than 30 years combined workflow and business process automation experience, ILINX Capture has an intuitive visual process designer that makes workflow configuration easy. This graphical tool allows analysts and administrators to create business processes visually by simply drawing a map. Powerful and flexible business processing rules are implemented through data-driven wizards and easy to use visual dialogs. Queues can be integrated into BPM workflow engines.

ILINX Capture is completely extensible through its Server eXtension architecture, allowing third-party developers and integrators to create fully plug-able processing modules. The ILINX Development Team uses this architecture in-house to develop modules including Barcode Recognition, OCR/ICR, PDF Conversion and many others.

ILINX Capture easily integrates with Line-of-Business applications and it will also work seamlessly with a variety of Enterprise Content Management systems, including existing production capture environments.  Other ILINX products are available to provide direct integration with:

  • Microsoft SharePoint 2007
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2010
  • EMC Documentum
  • EMC AppXtender
  • Open Text Livelink
  • IBM FileNet P8
  • IBM FileNet Image Services
  • IBM FileNet Content Services
  • Oracle IPM
  • Oracle UCM
  • Xerox DocuShare
  • It can complement existing Input Accel or Kofax Capture implementations

ILINX Capture has gone through comprehensive technical verification to earn the SAP Certified Integration with SAP NetWeaver. This allows you to realize immediate benefits and efficiencies through a turnkey capture solution that is 100% SAP ArchiveLink compliant.
The certified ILINX Capture solution allows invoices or other documentation to be scanned and immediately released to the SAP workflow for processing. Behind the scenes, documents are automatically released to the content management repository for archiving through the ArchiveLink interface. Because the solution leverages existing SAP infrastructure, access rights are managed by SAP. Staying within the SAP environment, users have full access to all digital content processed through ILINX without having to learn a new interface.

ILINX Capture has worked with several hardware manufactures and provides direct integration with desktop scanners and MFP devices.

ILINX Capture has direction integration with the Canon P150 Personal Document Scanner (See press release and the Canon ScanFront 220P (see video of integration at

Because of its ability to integrate seamlessly with MFP devices, ILINX Capture is the solution implemented at the 7th largest bank in the United States. ILINX Capture was deployed for more than 3,000 multi-function devices across the bank’s footprint. ILINX Capture was selected for it’s flexibility and ease of deployment, while providing a low-cost solution for integration of MFD, fax, desktop scanners, and email attachments into their existing production capture environment.

Targeted Users: Small, Medium and Large organizations both departmental & enterprise.

Satisfied Customers: Yes, vendor claims satisfied customers including the 5th and 7th largest banks in the nation, the City of Richland Washington and the largest credit bureau in the nation.

Company: ImageSource Inc.
612 5th Ave. SW, Olympia WA 98501 USA
Tel: (360) 943-9273

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