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2009 Product Innovations

Data Protection

InDorse Call-Home

Hardware, Software or Service: Software

Launched: January 2010 (New)

What it does? InDorse Call-Home is a network-based file assurance security solution that tracks granular file activities such as the status of file opens after the documents leave the end-user's computer. Real-time file usage pattern analytics are gathered and presented via an intuitive easy-to-use intelligence dashboard. Call-Home lets you know who opened the file when where and to whom they forwarded the file to.

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2010 Product Innovations - Network Products Guide

What makes it Innovative? Once sales marketing and other digital materials leave a corporate domain it's nearly impossible to ascertain who has been accessing them and where they are going. Using gated website forms that force people to reveal their identity in exchange for the information usually leads to that user abandoning the action or giving false information.Call-Home's innovative technology automatically gathers real-time intelligence about digital file usage such as who is viewing downloading and printing a file. The technology eliminates the need for a "gated-form" which normally prompts individuals wishing to view or download digital files to enter their name email phone etc. Instead the information is gathered and presented via a easy-to-use dashboard where an administrator can transform the end-user's network address into a physical location company name and phone number. Additionally Call-Home can be configured to preserve privacy and comply with industry regional and national governances. Best of all Call-Home doesn't require any software installation on an end-user's computer. Call-Home provides Google Analytic-quality tracking statics for any document opened and forward”completely transparent to the end user with no client-side software needed.

Targeted Users: Enterprises (all sizes), Education, Government, Financial, Healthcare, any organization that is seeking to gain sales and marketing insight as to who is opening their collateral and where it's being sent for the life of the document.

Satisfied Customers: New product

Company: InDorse Technologies
424 West 33rd Street Suite 370 New York NY 10001 USA

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