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Server Desktops

Kaviza VDI-in-a-box™

Hardware, Software or Service: Software

Launched: January 2010 (Upgrade)

What it does? Kaviza VDI-in-a-box™ is the industry’s first and only turnkey virtual appliance that delivers server-based virtual desktops (VDI) right out-of-the-box. Kaviza automates desktop provisioning, connection brokering, load balancing, user management, and advanced functions like high-availability – all without requiring shared storage. Load Kaviza on a commodity server running a hypervisor, power it on, and you have a VDI server – for a total cost of under $500/desktop. Add more servers and you have a scalable, highly-available VDI grid.  Kaviza’s management interface focuses on desktops and users, not virtualization details.  Kaviza fits desktop budgets, desktop IT expertise, and is cost-effective for phased deployments.

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Innovative products such as VDI-in-a-box™ are making desktop virtualization affordable and accessible to everyone.

2010 Product Innovations - Network Products Guide

What makes it Innovative? Kaviza eliminates 66% of the cost involved in deploying server-based virtual desktops (VDI) with its patent-pending desktop specific architecture that delivers high-availability and scaling without expensive shared storage. Kaviza creates a highly-available grid of VDI servers on inexpensive commodity hardware with a design similar to modern web-scale architectures, like Google. Kaviza's fundamental architectural redesign of VDI enables Kaviza to deliver production-ready virtual desktops at a total cost/desktop of under $500 – making Kaviza virtual desktops less expensive to acquire than PCs. Kaviza eliminates the high acquisition cost of VDI and delivers immediate ROI on deployments from 25 desktops and up. Kaviza reduces VDI complexity by providing a consolidated VDI appliance, with a single management console that is focused on desktops and users, not virtualization details. Kaviza has fundamentally redesigned the VDI stack to reduce costs and deliver immediate ROI on virtual desktops. Kaviza also eliminates the cultural change VDI typically requires – unlike VDI alternatives that require server virtualization and SAN expertise – Kaviza's lingua franca is desktops and users which desktop IT is familiar with. Kaviza is architected from the ground up for desktop virtualization, and is designed to fit desktop budgets to be managed by desktop IT and to be cost-effective for the phased manner in which desktops are typically bought.

Targeted Users: Small & Medium Enterprise across verticals: Education, Healthcare, Financial Services, Government and Manufacturing.

Satisfied Customers: Yes, vendor claims several satisfied customers in Education, Healthcare, Financial Services and IT. Examples: The Argyle School District, Guthrie County Hospital, Credit Counselling Society, AT Conference, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Company: Kaviza
1250 Oakmead Parkway Suite 210, Sunnyvale CA 94085-4037 USA
Tel: 408-501-8818
Fax. 408-350-2638

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