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2009 Product Innovations

Enterprise 2.0

Kontiki VideoCenter Enterprise Social Video Portal

Hardware, Software or Service: Softwareas-a-Service

Launched: November 2009 (New)

What it does? Kontiki VideoCenter defines a new class of enterprise employee video portal that allows companies to align their organization around a corporate vision using communication that connects and inspires every employee. Kontiki VideoCenter delivers on the promise of "YouTube for the Enterprise" by engaging all employees with social media and user-generated content while overcoming the challenges of securing and controlling this powerful communication tool in a way that is consistent with company policies and culture.

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Innovative products such as Kontiki Videocenter are delivering on the promise of Enterprise 2.0 in the enterprise.

2010 Product Innovations - Network Products Guide

What makes it Innovative? Kontiki Video Center is the only employee video portal that combines unlimited reach and enterprise-class control with maximum engagement in one single solution:Engaging consumer-style video community for sharing ideas and knowledge: familiar and rich social media capabilities such as easy upload of user-generated content; simple content discovery via search and channels as well as syndication ratings and rankings comments and tagging; dynamic channel building that fosters communities; also supports live video on-demand video video conferencing video webcasting and video podcasts to create a single video destination.Enterprise-class security control and reporting: "flip the switch" on and off for as little or as many social media elements a company is comfortable with; secure role-based access controls for publishing and viewing to govern "who can see what and who can share what" on an individual group business unit or company-wide basis; robust reporting.Reaches all employees in all locations on any device: overcomes network bandwidth limitations and "last mile" branch office problem leveraging Kontiki's fully integrated Enterprise Content Delivery Network (ECDN) - with no impact on existing network business traffic and no costly hardware upgradesIn addition many companies have already invested significant resources in video - whether it is live video video on-demand video conferencing video webcasting video podcasts or telepresence - for competitive advantage to increase the effectiveness of executive communication team collaboration and training and to reduce travel costs. Kontiki VideoCenter is uniquely positioned to evolve into a company's single destination for all business video communication and searchable and accessible video content.Offered in the "cloud" as a business service organizations of any size can get started with Kontiki VideoCenter easily and quickly.

Targeted Users: Corporate Communications professionals CEOs and IT managers for Fortune 1000 and mid-size enterprises looking to increase the effectiveness of their employee communications by adding user-generated video sharing and social networking capabilities as well as extending their existing video communication culture and investments

Satisfied Customers: Yes vendor claims satisfied beta customers. In addition Kontiki has successfully delivered hundreds of millions of high-quality videos to desktops around the world for some of the world's largest companies in the financial services retail technology telecommunications and manufacturing market sectors such as Charles Schwab Coca Cola Sephora Verizon and more.

Company: Kontiki
Kontiki1001 W. Maude Avenue, Sunnyvale CA 94085
Tel: 408-215-6400

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