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2009 Product Innovations


SecureAware® v3.7.0

Hardware, Software or Service: Software / Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Launched: October 2009 (Upgrade)

What it does? SecureAware® is an IT Governance Risk and Compliance (IT GRC) system that helps organizations comply with Payment Card Industry standards governmental regulations and ISO 27000 best practices while managing business risks. An all-in-one platform for compliance best practices and security awareness it allows organizations to perform full lifecycle management of risk / vulnerability assessments and IT audits while creating one defensible standard of care. SecureAware® collects policies IT controls and risk information from throughout the enterprise; automates repeatable processes; and allows organizations to respond rapidly to new compliance mandates audit requests and business risks.

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2010 Product Innovations - Network Products Guide

What makes it Innovative? SecureAware® is an innovative design which not only ships standard with multiple security frameworks but also offers a "rationalization" feature. This feature allows an organization to simultaneously determine the accuracy of their internal policies against all three of ISO 27000 PCI DSS and CoBIT 4.1. Now global and publically-traded companies can deploy a common platform to facilitate and manage compliance to multiple standards while automating risk management compliance workflow and business continuity planning.

Targeted Users: The type of organizations that will benefit from Lightwave's services and products include: Small medium and large enterprises, Government agencies, Educational institutions, Retailer of all sizes.

Satisfied Customers: Over 250 organizations use SecureAware® including: State of Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation (AWI), Hitachi Metals (USA), Tracking Innovations (USA), Carlsberg Brewery, TDC European telecom company, PBS of Denmark, Statsbygg Property manager for Norwegian government, EccoTrygVesta

Company: Lightwave Security
1200 Abernathy Road Suite 1700
Atlanta Georgia 30328 USA
Tel: (800) 616-8597

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