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2009 Product Innovations

Management and Security

Management Suite 9.0

Hardware, Software or Service: Software

Launched: November 2009 (Upgrade)

What it does? LANDesk Management Suite 9 allows IT managers to have complete control of their IT environment no matter how big or small creating the perfect balance between user flexibility and enterprise readiness. Management Suite 9 provides a birds-eye view of everything that is happening within the network from enabling device discovery and storing information on its configurations OS processor speed installed memory hard drive capacity loaded applications and more all in a central database. Additionally LANDesk Management Suite 9 includes gateway technology that allows remote management of each system "whether it's at headquarters or on the other side of the world” based on the system's unique needs.

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2010 Product Innovations - Network Products Guide

What makes it Innovative? LANDesk Management Suite 9 enables IT managers to discover manage update and protect their network from a single integrated console with anytime anywhere support”including OS deployment software distribution inventory management and software license management”for systems inside and outside your corporate network. Management Suite 9 reduces risks and software expenses while increasing productivity in several key areas including: Software Asset Management reducing costs and ensuring compliance in connection with avoiding or responding to software audits. Windows 7 Migration readiness and assessment application compatibility and minimal end user disruption. Simplified Management Infrastructure to address complex distributed environments expanding workplace boundaries and the overall need for better centralized control of desktop IT operations. IT Process Automation to define and execute consistent repeatable processes on an opportunistic as-needed basis in order to keep systems up to date lower operational costs reduce risk and improve service delivery. Tight integration with LANDesk Security Suite”Simplifies your ability to manage systems while providing hardened layered endpoint security that helps you secure enterprise data and meet industry compliance standardsTo further its leadership position in the IT Management industry LANDesk added several new functionalities to version 9 in its quest to continuously improve the IT experience. In addition to the features mentioned above Management Suite 9 also allows: Enterprise Efficiency and Scalability -Core synchronization -Enterprise reportingSoftware License Monitoring -Redesigned interface -Dynamic products -Return on investment (ROI) reportsSoftware Distribution -Return code mapping -MSI native support -Simplified work flow -Simplified bandwidth controlsOS Deployment and Profile Migration -Ultra-efficient deployment Automated profile migration oHardware-independent imagingLAND.

Targeted Users: Enterprise

Satisfied Customers: Yes, vendor claims satisfied customers.

Company: LANDesk
698 West 10000 South Suite 500
South Jordan Utah 84095 USA


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