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2009 Product Innovations

WiMAX Product or Service

Motorola Access Service Network 1000 (ASN 1000)

Hardware, Software or Service: Hardware

Launched: February 2010 (New)

What it does? The eco-friendly WiMAX ASN 1000 delivering WiMAX Access Service Network gateway functionality provides an Ideal solution for low teledensity applications offers our lowest cost per subscriber together with a rich field-proven feature set that gives you more flexibility to deliver revenue-generating service offerings. The ASN 1000 was designed from the ground up to help operators pursue new business. It does not require large cabinets or heavy cabling and offers up to 60% lower cost per subscriber compared to a typical high tier ASN gateway. The lower cost per subscriber enables more savings or higher margin per subscriber from day one.

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2010 Product Innovations - Network Products Guide

What makes it Innovative? Whether pursuing new customers in a rural environment or a new lower ARPU customer in an urban environment minimizing cost per subscriber while still delivering compelling user experiences is essential. Motorola's ASN 1000 is the lowest cost per subscriber solution designed especially to meet the most challenging business cases. Wholesale solution is another field-tested potential ARPU generator for commercial networks that comes built into the ASN 1000. Wholesale can for example enable a rural WiMAX operator to offer broadband to its local subscribers while selling excess capacity to a local utility for Smart Grid solutions. The utility provider in turn can leverage the benefit of government stimulus incentives by offering green solutions to its consumers benefiting everyone. Bundling VoIP services with broadband offerings not only increases revenue opportunities but it also increases the attractiveness of service offering to both new and existing customers. The Motorola ASN 1000's VoIP solution is field hardened based on several large VoIP plus home or enterprise broadband bundles. Whatever the business model Motorola ASN 1000's rich selection of features gives the flexibility needed to tailor innovative and attractive service bundles to match.

Targeted Users: Mobile WiMAx operators looking to deploy low teledensity applications

Satisfied Customers: Satisifed customers in product trials.

Company: Motorola Inc.
1501 W. Shure Dr.
Alrington Heights IL 60004 USA
Tel: (847) 632-5000

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