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2009 Product Innovations

Monitoring Access

Director Xstream

Hardware, Software or Service: Hardware

Launched: October 2009 (New)

What it does? Net Optics Director Xstream is a 10-Gigabit "Smart Filtering" appliance that directs traffic of interest to network monitoring tools. It allows up to sixteen 10G links with up to eight 10G monitoring tools. TapFlow filtering technology enables selection of tool traffic based on protocols IP addresses ports and VLANs. Director Xstream built with SFP+ ports accepts both 10G SFP+ and 1G SFP transceivers enabling 10G and 1G links and tools to be interconnected. Director Xstream is managed by Indigo; a browser/platform-based management software that includes friendly graphical user interfaces for easy transition of tools without physically moving cables and devices.

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Innovative products such as Net Optics Director Xstream are bringing improvements in intelligent network monitoring access by creating solutions that allow for 100 percent visibility.

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What makes it Innovative? Demands for networks to deliver more business-critical applications and services and greater amounts of multi-protocol traffic (data voice and video simultaneously) have forced upgrades from 1 Gigabit to high-speed 10G network links. Director Xstream allows IT professionals to maintain better network security and performance and monitor more points in the network through an intelligent flexible and efficient monitoring access platform. Director Xstream allows a collection of 10G and 1G tools to be deployed across large numbers of network links with remote centralized control of exactly which traffic is directed to each tool. TapFlow filtering enables organizations to select traffic for each tool based on protocols IP addresses ports and VLANs. This enables organizations to see more traffic with fewer monitoring tools relieves oversubscribed 10G monitoring tools allows sharing of tools and data access among groups without contention and centralizes data monitoring in network operations centers. Indigo software allows easy network configuration changes eliminating the need for costly downtime and the wait for maintenance windows or prior approvals. Director Xstream is compatible with major manufacturers' monitoring firewall intrusion detection and prevention systems allowing the same performance and security of business-critical applications and services while reducing Capex costs and improving operational efficiency.

Targeted Users: Network IT & Security Managers.

Satisfied Customers: Yes, vendor claims satisfied customers.

Company: Net Optics Inc.
5303 Betsy Ross Drive
Santa Clara CA 95054-1102 USA
Tel: 408-737-7777

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