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2009 Product Innovations

Network Management

NetBrain Workstation

Hardware, Software or Service: Software

Launched: February 2010 (Upgrade)

What it does? Network Workstation is a state-of-the-art automation solution for network documentation, troubleshooting and design. Leveraging our exclusive SmartMap technology, NetBrain is the first and only computer-aided network engineering tool. Consultants use NetBrain to automate network assessment, Troubleshooters use NetBrain to quickly isolate network performance issues, and Designers use NetBrain to simulate and validate network changes prior to deployment. With NetBrain, real-time network engineering is now a reality. NetBrain is not only easy to use, but also scales to large networks with tens of thousands of network nodes. Key capabilities include: Enterprise Network Discovery, L2/L3 Mapping Automation, Map-based Diagnosis and Analysis, One-click Visio diagrams, Configuration and Routing Management, Network Change Simulation and Validation, Network Benchmarking, Virtual Workspace for Design, Full automation of Network Assessment, Performance Assessment with IPSLA and IP Accounting.

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NetBrain Technologies Inc.
Innovative products such as NetBrain Operator Edition Workstation are bringing improvements to reduce the effort and time involved in troubleshooting enterprise networks and eliminating network outages through controlled change.

2010 Product Innovations - Network Products Guide

What makes it Innovative? NetBrain Technologies’ innovative solutions focus on simplifying and reducing the effort associated with designing, documenting and troubleshooting enterprise networks by employing a tool everyone knows how to use – a map. NetBrain’s exclusive SmartMap technology embeds all network intelligence directly in the map, so you no longer have to keep network knowledge in your head or rely on paper. Extensive options let you create a SmartMap that meets either your immediate needs or long term goals.

DIAGNOSE - Leveraging NetBrain, you can create a fully-annotated L3/L2 SmartMap of a problem area, on the fly.  SmartMap embeds the underlying data model that tracks the entire operational network directly in the map, so it is never out of date. With SmartMap, all troubleshooting is directly in the map.

MONITOR - NetBrain’s HeatMap provides you with a real-time diagnostic view of a problem area. Each device in the HeatMap is color-coded based on its current status. From simple up/down, to advanced analysis of performance metrics along a path, HeatMap instantly identifies the hot spot.

BENCHMARK - NetBrain’s network benchmarking capability is unique in the network management market. Unlike the one device at a time approach used by traditional NCCM solutions to establish a known good baseline, NetBrain views the whole network as a single entity and benchmarks the entire operational network at once and constructs a data-driven model. Comparing the configuration of the entire network rather than individual devices provides a deeper understanding of the impact of change on the infrastructure.

SIMULATE - Using NetBrain Workstation, you can simulate and analyze the net effect of all your design and configuration changes by overlaying them on the operational network as a baseline. Simulation will compute network behavior and will reveal any issues with the changes before implementation without requiring a physical lab or computing all the possibilities in your head.

Targeted Users: Enterprise network engineers, operators and architects.

Satisfied Customers: Yes vendor claims satisfied customers.

Company: NetBrain Technologies Inc.
121 Middlesex Turnpike Suite 100,
Burlington MA 01803 USA
Tel: (781) 221-7199

Network Products Guide