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2009 Product Innovations


Permabit Enterprise Archive Data Center Series Model 4010

Hardware, Software or Service: Hardware

Launched: April 2009 (Upgrade)

What it does? Permabit Enterprise Archive™ is the industry's most cost effective NAS storage system capable of archiving multiple petabytes of information. Enterprise Archive applies patented data deduplication technology that helps companies achieve greater efficiencies demanded by today's economic environment. By optimizing the overall storage environment Permabit delivers a storage solution that meets critical business objectives for secure long term data retention at an affordable cost. By leveraging highly efficient quad core processors and terabyte drive technology Enterprise Archive improves overall archive performance by more than 70% while reducing overall power and cooling requirements.

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Innovative products such as Permabit’s Enterprise Archive Data Center Series Model 4010 are bringing improvements in technical abilities and ease of use.

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What makes it Innovative? Permabit Enterprise Archive meets critical data archiving requirements such as extreme cost efficiencies, scalability, security, availability and flexibility. Enabled by a storage grid architecture Enterprise Archive can scale from 16 TB to 6.9 PB of raw storage capacity making it the industries only archive capable of managing the massive data requirements of today's large enterprise environments. Additionally the Permabit system delivers Intelligent Recovery™ with patented RAIN-EC technology and full inline deduplication with Scalable Data Reduction™ (SDR). Enterprise Archive’s key benefits include: Stores massive amounts of data in a fraction of their original storage footprint driving effective cost per gigabyte to less than $1. Provides the most advanced data protection technology (RAIN-EC) designed specifically for large capacity drives in multiple petabyte archives. Survives multiple simultaneous failures (multiple drives power CPU memory etc.) without data loss. Reduces data center storage footprint by storing more data in less physical space. Automates offsite disaster recovery protection eliminating the need to back up the Permabit Enterprise Archive. Uses a single storage platform to centrally store and manage both compliance based and general purpose data at a cost substantially less than primary storage. Meets both current and new regulations requirements with the ability to "Convert to WORM"? at any future time. Some additional key capabilities that make the Enterprise Archive stand out include: Patented Erasure Coding Technology enables multiple PB scaling while protecting data 1,000 times more effectively than RAID. RAID's data protection effectiveness drops off as 1 TB drives are added to arrays. Enterprise Archive can survive entire storage nodes failing without data loss.

Targeted Users: Fortune 1000 Enterprise

Satisfied Customers: Yes, vendor claims satisfied customers

Company: Permabit Technology Corporation
Ten Canal Park
Cambridge MA 02141 USA

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