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2009 Product Innovations

Multi-Factor Authentication

PhoneFactor Biometric Voice Authentication

Hardware, Software or Service: Software

Launched: January 2010 (New)

What it does? PhoneFactor's Biometric Voice Authentication solution simultaneously verifies something you have (your telephone) and something you are (your voiceprint) for the second and third factors of authentication taking the cost and complication out of biometric authentication.

There are two easy steps for users:

Step 1: Enter your username & password.

Step 2: Instantly PhoneFactor calls you. Just answer and speak your passphrase to login.

There is no complicated user enrollment process and no biometric readers are required. It’s simple, secure, and significantly less expensive to setup and maintain than other three-factor options.

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What makes it Innovative? By leveraging an existing voice channel PhoneFactor simultaneously verifies something you have (your telephone) and something you are (your voiceprint) for the second and third factors of authentication. PhoneFactor's Biometric Voice Authentication is:

Simple for End Users and IT Administrators: Users simply receive a call when logging in. They answer and speak their passphrase to complete the login. That's it. For IT administrator the process of enrolling users is equally simple. Voice authentication services can be enabled for all or just specific users. Once enabled users can enroll through the PhoneFactor User Portal or during their first authentication call. To complete the enrollment users just record a passphrase.

Strong Reliable Biometric Verification: Like a fingerprint each individual's voice is unique and has characteristics such as pitch and rhythm which can be mapped and used to verify identity. PhoneFactor's proven voice mapping model uses multiple voiceprint algorithms to ensure that authorized users can be verified regardless of environmental factors like excess noise or minor voice variations while keeping unauthorized users from being authenticated. The authentication call is out-of-band offering protection from man-in-the-middle attacks and keystroke loggers.

Low Total Cost of Ownership:
Because there are no tokens and no biometric readers to buy deploy and support both the initial and ongoing costs for PhoneFactor are materially lower than other multi-factor authentication systems.

The bottom line is that PhoneFactor's Biometric Voice Authentication offers simple secure cost-effective three-factor authentication that is an extremely easy addition to a new or existing PhoneFactor implementation.

Targeted Users: Because PhoneFactor Biometric Voice Authentication is so simple, secure, and cost-effective it is appropriate for organizations of all sizes and budgets. The company expects to see it adopted particularly in high-risk applications or with special needs users groups across the enterprise as well as in targeted verticals like government healthcare and financial services.

Satisfied Customers: Released recently.

Company: PhoneFactor Inc.
7301 W. 129th Street, Overland Park Kansas 66213 USA
Tel: 913-499-4100

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