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2009 Product Innovations

Network Video Storage

Pivot3 MiniBank™

Hardware, Software or Service: Software

Launched: August 2009 (Upgrade)

What it does? The MiniBank is the latest update to the award-winning Serverless Computing™ line. The MiniBank introduces a smaller four drive solution in a one rack unit and adds support for 2TB drives. Server virtualization running on each clustered appliance allows server applications to share local x86 resources while the aggregate capacity of all appliances is managed as a high availability storage area network. Hardware resources are automatically load-balanced and both server and storage failover are provided in case of appliance failures. Eliminating physical servers generates typical savings of 52% in rack space 44% in power and 22% in cost.

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What makes it Innovative? The MiniBank is the latest solution from Pivot3 to uniquely run server applications on IP SAN hardware. Pivot3 Serverless Computing replaces physical servers with virtual servers embedded in storage appliances to save cost power cooling and rack space. Acquisition cost savings are typically 22% while operational costs attributable to power cooling and data center build-out are reduced up to 40%. The technology improves field reliability by supporting application failover 30-minute disk rebuild times dynamic capacity expansion and advanced RAID protection. Serverless Computing is the first storage product that integrates server virtualization technology with RAID technology. This allows customers to consolidate external physical servers into the IP SAN. This is simply not possible with traditional head-end RAID storage systems that are either direct attached or storage area network solutions. Importantly the consolidated servers can be high CPU utilization servers so that consolidation benefits are extended to environments that would not ordinarily be able to consolidate their servers.

Targeted Users: Ideal solution for small distributed sites. Targeted users include retail, education and corporate locations.

Satisfied Customers: A few names of satisfied customers are: Port of Seattle, Placer County Police Department, City of Milwaukee, City of Long Beach, Chumash Casino, Muscogee (Creek) Casino.

Company: Pivot3
1900 Embarcadero Road Suite 111, Palo Alto CA 94303 USA
Tel: 281-516-6000

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