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2009 Product Innovations

SaaS (Software as a Service) and Cloud Computing

Plex Online

Hardware, Software or Service: Software-as-a-Service

Launched: February 2010 (Upgrade)

What it does? Plex Online was the first SaaS technology used in manufacturing. While peer companies have taken their client-server base and applied it in a hosting model to simulate a SaaS solution Plex Online has had the vision to architect its solution based on the true and authentic SaaS model. As such it serves its customers without expensive servers operating systems database software backup equipment or the IT specialists to manage all that and periodic software updates. Web-hosted Plex Online is always up to date and available to customers via a monthly subscription fee.Plex Online recently became the only software solution to achieve the prestigious Champion ranking in Aberdeen Group's 2009 "ERP in Manufacturing" AXIS report. Plex Online offers industry-leading features for virtually every department within a manufacturer includingQuality ManagementEngineering and design EDI customer orders and release accountingAccounting and financial reportingMaterials and component purchasing Receiving and detailed inventory tracking Shop floor control - production scrap downtime labor etc.Process inspection Packaging and shipping Plex Online consists of more than 350 software modules. Its customer base has exceeded 300 companies with more than 2000 interconnected supplier locations around the globe. Plex Online supports more than 30000 daily users with a robust network of secure servers and a strong customer service base. The fully integrated Plex Online enjoys a customer retention rate of nearly 100%. Specifically Plex Online is: ?An on-demand high-tech system that truly integrates quality management ERP/MRP functionality and inventory tracking.?A real-time solution that lets employees easily and clearly view operations improving their ability to identify and quickly pursue continuous improvement opportunities.?A solution that facilitates root-cause analyses and corrective actions including a formalized process for issue notification.

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2010 Product Innovations - Network Products Guide

What makes it Innovative? Continuous customer-driven incremental improvement is built into the DNA of Plex Online and it is this innovative approach that sets it apart from other solutions.Plex Online is intrinsically innovative due to the continuous sharing of improvement ideas and an ongoing effort to incrementally improve and enhance Plex Online. The value of this innovation to the customer is dramatic. Through the "versioning" approach improvements are compiled in an isolated vacuum and customers continue to use an entire package of software until that next version is released with a set of improvements. Not only does the Plex Online customer obtain more value from the software on a daily basis the net value the customer obtains is far greater. Not to mention that the Plex Online customer does not have to suffer downtime training and learning curve adjustments that the customer of the typical software supplier has to handle each time there's a new version to launch. With Plex Online customers launch it once and keep benefitting! For instance over the last 18 months alone the following enhancements have been adopted by Plex Systems:Improvements to its financial MES and production scheduling modulesNew features enabling conversion of measures monetary units and other quantities to German and ChineseDatabase back-up security system leading to the fastest possible recovery times in the industrySupplier and customer consignment inventory management modulesEnhanced barcoding functionalityMuch more.Plex Systems Inc. holds three U.S. patents related to the innovative and intuitive user interface of the Plex Online system:6396516 B16523045 B16336053 B1Further Plex Systems owns the registered trademark for Scanban® ”the concept of a bar-coded Kanban Card that is tracked electronically through the shop. As the Kanban Card travels around the shop floor it drives scheduling shop floor communication inventory control material traceability and production tracking.

Targeted Users: Manufacturing companies particularly in industries including automotive aerospace & defense industrial metalforming medical devices & life sciences food & beverage. In terms of individual positions targeted: CIOs (and all IT employees) Plant Managers operations managers quality managers and even CFOs (who see the cost-benefit and time-to-value benefits of Plex Online.

Satisfied Customers: Yes vendor claims many satisfied customers. A few examples: Inteva Products LLC; Shape Corp; OKAY Industries; College Park Industries; Phoenix Logistics' Cuisine Solutions Groeb Farms iPurity Inovo and many more.

Company: Plex Systems
1731 Harmon Rd.,
Auburn Hills MI 48326 USA

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