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2009 Product Innovations

Web Application Firewall


Hardware, Software or Service: Software

Launched: September 2009 (Upgrade)

What it does? ThreatSentry is a multi-layered Web Application Firewall that protects Microsoft Windows Web servers from a broad range of web application threats including Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF/XSRF), Structured Query Language (SQL) Injection, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and other attacks.

ThreatSentry combines an advanced web application firewall, a proprietary NDIS driver, and an AI-based intrusion prevention engine to identify and take action against known and new threats as well as activity falling outside of trusted parameters. ThreatSentry fulfills the web application layer firewall (WAF) requirement in PCI DSS 6.6 and aids in the web application code review process by revealing vulnerabilities embedded within software code.

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Innovative products such as ThreatSentry are bringing urgently needed improvements in web application security to network administrators within organizations large and small.

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What makes it Innovative? ThreatSentry combines conventional web application layer defense mechanisms with an AI-based behavior profiling and comparative analysis engine that extends the intrusion detection and prevention capabilities of conventional pattern matching rules and policy-based technologies.

ThreatSentry is designed to overcome the limitations of security products that rely solely on configured rules policies and attack signature matching and can identify and prevent any type of activity that could be harmful to the host regardless of whether it is known (documented) or not (new or unknown threats).

Targeted Users: System Administrators

Satisfied Customers: ThreatSentry's global installed base comprises of small to large companies and IT service providers.

Company: Privacyware
68 White Street 2nd floor,
Red Bank NJ 07701 USA
Tel: 732-212-8110            

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