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2009 Product Innovations

Project Management Software

Project Insight Web-based Project Management Software Version 8.2

Hardware, Software or Service: Software-as-a-Service

Launched: September 2009 (Upgrade)

What it does? Project Insight is the leading web-based project management software for the mid-market developed by Metafuse, Inc. The browser based software brings project teams and management teams together to collaborate and share project schedules, assets and reports, whether across the globe or street. Project Insight helps organizations operate more efficiently and productively.

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Project Insight

2010 Product Innovations - Network Products Guide

What makes it Innovative? Project Insight offers powerful, flexible features that satisfy experienced project managers and are easy enough for team members to learn and adopt.

In the past, experienced project managers had a couple of choices. They could invest in a high end portfolio and project management software solution that takes a lot of time to implement, and even more time to train team members. Or, project managers could purchase a low end project tool that serves the lowest common denominator. Often these tools lack the scheduling and resource management features that the program and project manager need. Project Insight bridges the gap with software that is robust, yet easy to use.

Targeted Users: Project Insight aims to serve a diverse set of clientele that can range from small to medium size businesses to Fortune 1000 companies. The ability to scale from one department in a company and spread across the entire organization is a strength Project Insight holds.Project Insight serves large Fortune 1000 customers like American Honda and The Gap but also serves a two person construction firm in Canada. The software is scalable from the Workgroup to Professional to Enterprise Editions.In terms of process the teams that Project Insight appeals to include: IT teams product development teams professional services and interactive agencies.

Satisfied Customers: Project Insight is used by 500+ customers and over 15,000 team members worldwide. Some of our well known customers include: The Gap, American Honda, J.D. Power & Associates, Rabobank, Imc2, Tempur-pedic and Eaton Electrical. However, Project Insight also satisfies the requirements of small to medium sized businesses such as: NuCon Construction, Benchmark Performance and National Western Life.

Company: Project Insight
17320 Red Hill Avenue Suite 270
Irvine CA 92614 USA
Tel: 949-476-6499

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