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Anti-Spam Hardware Solution

Red Condor Message Assurance Gateway Network Appliance

Hardware, Software or Service: Hardware

Launched: Product includes new firmware launched in January 2010

What it does? Red Condor's Message Assurance Gateway appliances provide comprehensive defenses against spam viruses and other email threats while strengthening the confidentiality and trust of email communications. The appliance offers multiple consecutive layers of defense to block spam viruses and phishing attacks before they reach the email in-boxes. Red Condor has also developed a suite of proprietary and patent-pending technology that includes E-mail DNA and behavioral analysis sender-reputation scoring advanced imaging filtering and fault-tolerant Vx Technology the first email security that integrates a local network appliance with a hosted service. The latest version also supports Transport Layer Security Encryption to fully encrypt all inbound and outbound email.

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Red Condor
Innovative products such as Red Condor’s MAG appliances are changing the way companies fight against spam, virus and phishing attacks while improving email security and management.

2010 Product Innovations - Network Products Guide

What makes it Innovative? Red Condor's Vx Technology is the industry's first email security that integrates a local network appliance with hosted service. Vx Technology allows the customer's local network appliance to completely and automatically fail-over to Red Condor's hosted service should it go down entirely because of overwhelming attacks power failure or other network issues. By combining the spam-filtering capability of Red Condor's MAG network appliances with the company's nationwide network of data centers resources are always available to prevent spam attacks from overwhelming individual servers. Spam traffic is placing an enormous and unplanned strain on customers' CPU resources and hard drive space. With Vx Technology Red Condor is able to offload that pressure with network load sharing.Red Condor's latest firmware update which powers MAG appliance includes support for Transport Layer Security (TLS) Encryption. Using digital certificates Red Condor establishes private email networks that link Red Condor's customers with their defined partners. As a result every email sent or received through the networks is fully encrypted and the encryption is transparent to both sender and recipient. Using TLS to encrypt communications between two email gateways protects all email content while in transit and ensures full compliance with privacy regulations.

Targeted Users: Small & Medium-sized Enterprises, Internet Service Providers, Government agencies, Education institutions.

Satisfied Customers: VISI, Hiram College, Geneseo, Jefferson College, Hancock Telecom, Holy Cross College, Dominican University.

Company: Red Condor Inc.
1300 Valley House Dr. Ste 115, Rohnert Park CA 94928 USA
Tel: 707-285-4100

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