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2009 Product Innovations

Business Intelligence

WIRe (Web Intelligence Reporting)

Hardware, Software or Service: Service

Launched: October 2009 (Upgrade)

What it does? Organizations large and small depend on ScanSafe's SaaS solutions to control and secure their Internet use without hardware upfront capital costs or maintenance. Tough economic times have made it even more business-critical for organizations to understand how and when their network resources are being utilized in order to remain cost-effective and competitive.WIRe (Web Intelligence Reporting) is a new reporting application for ScanSafe customers that allows quick access to Web traffic data with the flexible analytics of an enterprise-class Business Intelligence solution. WIRe enables administrators to quickly gather any type of Web user data and aids them in understanding how when and where their employees are using the Internet as well as how their network resources are being utilized. WIRe was created to address the needs of today's business environment finally making in-depth customizable Web usage data available when and how it is required by customers of all sizes anywhere in the world.

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2010 Product Innovations - Network Products Guide

What makes it Innovative? Previous Web reporting tools have been inflexible with limited access to data making Web reporting a time consuming and arduous task for IT professionals. As a result companies know that their employees are downloading illegal files viewing inappropriate content and using excessive bandwidth but they don't have the visibility to see which employees are doing so and how it is affecting their business as a whole. WIRe is changing this by transforming how organizations gain Web intelligence. As an easy-to-use tool WIRe offers increased visibility and valuable time savings for IT departments. WIRe allows customers to view data just 60 seconds behind real time light-speed compared to other reporting tools which can take up to six hours. Not only can customers now have exceptionally fast access to their data but WIRe allows administrators to create reports on all kinds of Web usage behavior in excess of 5000 possibilities more than any other Web reporting solution. With over 60 different pre-defined reports and 75 different attributes that can be reported and filtered WIRe also offers more granularity than other solutions. And as a SaaS solution WIRe requires no hardware or software installation and maintenance making for even more time and cost savings.In a stark contrast to other Web reporting tools WIRe does not attempt to control or constrain what information can be viewed by organizations but rather encourages administrators to understand what data is most valuable to their organization and how they can best use it. In a nutshell WIRe pushes the boundaries of Web intelligence reporting offering organizations greater transparency cost-effectiveness and efficiency than ever before.

Targeted Users: Organizations of all sizes across all industries including start-up organizations mid-market companies and large global enterprises.

Satisfied Customers: Yes vendor claims satisfied customers.

Company: ScanSafe
950 Elm Ave.
San Bruno CA 94066 USA

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