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2009 Product Innovations

Endpoint Security Solution

Security Suite 9.0

Hardware, Software or Service: Software

Launched: November 2009 (Upgrade)

What it does? LANDesk Security Suite 9 is an IT management solution that allows IT staff to secure remote and managed devices. It helps secure enterprise data and ensures that industry compliance standards are met by providing:Comprehensive standards assessments that allow IT technicians to ensure industry requirements are being met. Standards measured include: Payment Card Industry SANS NIST NSA PCI DSS FDCC SCAP HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley. Results are reported in a robust dashboard that includes trend graphs along with security policy and spyware reports.Unparalleled device control through USB encryption policies which allow IT staff to control mass-storage devices by making them read-only blocking them entirely or forcing encryption; access to drives modems USB and communications ports bridging networks and wireless channels such as 802.11x and Bluetooth; and shadow-copy functionality which enables IT staff to monitor files copied to peripheral devices which prevents data leakage.Layered security that includes a personal firewall allowing IT technicians to ensure increased system protection and dramatically reduce the potential for effective system attacks. Antivirus solutions that allow for amazingly fast response time to new threats as well as a high level of detection and proactive protection.

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2010 Product Innovations - Network Products Guide

What makes it Innovative? Security Suite 9 is unique in that it provides a single dashboard for discovering and resolving security breaches. While there is a number of solutions on the market that aim at resolving these vulnerabilities they are often part of the problem. When weaknesses are exploited and data is compromised IT managers need to quickly and seamlessly resolve these issues. Thus time should not be wasted while have to sort through a myriad of consoles in order to find the hole that will close the loop. Security Suite 9 is a single console that provides personal firewall patch management application control whitelisting blacklisting compliance assessment and a host of other cutting-edge security solutions to keep the enterprise safe. Security Suite 9 also has a personal firewall and unlike a number of other solutions Security Suite 9 provides a strong vulnerability assessment and remediation which limits access to authorized networks or IP addresses in order to ensure increased system protection and reduced attack potential. This solution also provides location-aware policies which preserves productivity and reduces the risk of data loss and infection through dynamic policies that adjust security settings including application control anti-malware configuration and removable storage restrictions. These settings can be based upon the specific end-user's environment and customized down to the level of a single machine. Thus Security Suite 9 offers an unprecedented amount of scalability in a secure all-encompassing console that allows IT technicians to deploy a number of security solutions track assets and ensure industry compliance measures are met on anywhere from one to thousands of machines all via a single device.In addition it's worth noting that LANDesk Security Suite seamlessly interfaces with LANDesk Antivirus solution which is the industry-leading antivirus solution and is built on advanced Kaspersky Labs signature and scan engine technologies.

Targeted Users: Enterprises

Satisfied Customers: Enterprise Management Associates (EMA); N.E.W. Customer Services Company; VCPI; American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Company: LANDesk
698 West 10000 South Suite 500,
South Jordan Utah 84095 USA


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