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2009 Product Innovations

Forensics Solution

Solera Networks DS 5150 Network Forensics Appliance version 4.0

Hardware, Software or Service: Hardware and Software

Launched: May 2008 (December 2009 upgraded to version 4.0)

What it does? Much like a camera at a bank, when a cyber attack occurs, the Solera DS 5150 appliance captures a complete record of all network activity to help determine the point of entry for the breach, what was affected, what data was compromised, and the party that was responsible, often within minutes instead of days. Only the Solera DS 5150 appliance provides full packet capture at 10 gigabit speeds, as validated by Miercom Labs and at SuperComputing 2010 (SC10). This ensures that all traffic is recorded even at today's accelerated network speeds and allows security professionals to rapidly determine the full source and scope of any security event and remediate to stem further risk.

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2010 Product Innovations - Network Products Guide

What makes it Innovative? Unique to the industry, Solera DS 5150 is the only appliance to capture, record, and index ALL network data at 10Gb speeds, with Web-like search for easy information access. Solera DeepSee provides complete indexing of all packets captured on the network, enabling swift and intelligent discovery of any captured data. DeepSee also reconstructs actual network conversations and artifacts from the raw packet data. Unlike other solutions that can require days or weeks to sift through large stores of captured data, Solera DeepSee delivers results in minutes. A virtualized version of the solution allows for complete visibility into all traffic within a virtual host, enabling further analysis by existing security tools. Only Solera Networks offers a virtual network forensics appliance.

Targeted Users: The Solera DS 5150 appliance is designed for large enterprise and government agencies that require complete network forensics through lossless packet capture and stream-to-storage on the most demanding, complex, and targeted networks. A number of agencies have reviewed competitive products and determined that only the Solera DS 5150 could capture at their required speeds, deliver timely results from large volumes of data, and meet their needs for integration with other security tools.

Satisfied Customers: Solera Networks has numerous customers including, government agencies, defense contractors, universities, financial institutions, enterprises, and ISPs. Due to the nature of the solution and their use, these customers have asked us to not disclose their names. Customer profiles can be found at -

Company: Solera Networks
10713 South Jordan Gateway Suite 100,
South Jordan UT 94095 USA
Tel: 801-545-4100

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