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2009 Product Innovations


Intelligent Information Management Platform

Hardware, Software or Service: Appliance (Hardware + Software)

Launched: January 2010 (Upgrade)

What it does? The StoredIQ Intelligent Information Management (IIM) Platform is an enterprise-class software-based appliance designed to manage the functional intersection of eDiscovery Information Governance Records Management and Storage Management. By providing an in-depth assessment of unstructured electronically stored information (ESI) across the enterprise the IIM Platform gives organizations critical visibility into and control over their business content to make more informed decisions about the management retention and disposition of their data. The product includes all necessary hardware software and storage and can discover assess and manage unstructured and semi-structured data across the industry's broadest range of data sources including storage email archiving content document and record management systems. This latest version of the IIM Platform includes two new features that reduce the costs and expedite the process of eDiscovery: the Just-In-Time Desktop Agent and Analyze Anywhere.

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2010 Product Innovations - Network Products Guide

What makes it Innovative? StoredIQ Analyze Anywhere enables counsel to perform an "early case assessment" (ECA) on documents natively where they reside without first copying any them to a repository. This is a significant distinction from traditional/alternative ECA solutions because it enables legal counsel to deeply analyze the potentially responsive data prior to preservation and collection. As a result in-house counsel can formulate a superior legal strategy sooner and more efficiently while reducing the costs of downstream formal legal review. In addition Analyze Anywhere technology is driven by a legal-friendly user interface and workflow to simplify the entire eDiscovery process. This intuitive interface helps attorneys quickly analyze and cull large amounts of ESI to the most relevant smallest legally-defensible subset of data and provides a "scoreboard" that displays important cost estimate information for the entire matter.In parallel StoredIQ's innovative "Just-in-Time" Desktop Agent offers a significant advancement over any current approach in the industry for discovery and management of data on desktops and laptops. The Desktop Agent is specifically designed for organizations that are geographically distributed of significant size or have a large number of mobile staff members. The Desktop Agent seamlessly installs performs tasks and will automatically remove itself when complete minimizing any maintenance burden on IT and without disrupting end-users. The Desktop Agent was specifically design to efficiently perform collections from intermittently connected devices such as laptops that frequently come on- and offline or that are on bandwidth-constrained networks.

Targeted Users: General counsel, inside/outside counsel, legal investigators, litigation service providers, IT and information security staff, risk officers, compliance officers, records managers, storage administrators.

Satisfied Customers: Yes, vendor claims satisfied customers.

Company: StoredIQ
4401 West Gate Blvd. Suite 300
Austin TX 78745 USA
Tel: (512) 334-3100

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