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2009 Product Innovations

Bandwidth Optimization Solution

StreamGroomer v5.3

Hardware, Software or Service: Hardware

Launched: October 2009 (Upgrade)

What it does? Streamcore is a leading provider of visibility and dynamic performance control (bandwidth optimization) solutions for managing interactive application and real-time communication (VoIP, video) delivery over the Wide Area Network (WAN). Streamcore appliances enable enterprises to benefit from all-in-one visibility (network, applications, VoIP, video) real-time monitoring and advanced on-demand reporting from a single centralized management console. Visibility and advanced control (bandwidth management/traffic shaping) features are tied together in order to guarantee performance and end-users' quality of experience.

Streamcore solutions can support key IT initiatives such as:

  • VoIP / Unified communications: to provide advanced visibility (MOS...) and performance control for VoIP traffic.
  • Videoconferencing: to monitor and guarantee the performance of audio/video flows in order to ensure the success of videoconferencing deployments.
  • Desktop virtualization: to guarantee users maximum application performance and monitor VDI performance levels.
  • Web 2.0 business application: to give a high priority over the WAN to Web 2.0 application and detect if specific branch offices suffer from degraded performance.
  • Internet access management: to protect web business SaaS or remote workers traffic on a shared corporate Internet access.
  • IT Service Management: to manage more efficiently application or communications services delivered over the WAN and to improve the service support (help desk).
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Streamcore’s StreamGroomer is a shining example of product innovation that has kept pace with customers’ needs for bandwidth management.

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What makes it Innovative? Streamcore has an innovative approach to WAN application and communication delivery: provide state-of-the-art Network Performance Management features (application/network monitoring, network capacity planning, network troubleshooting, fault detection and prevention) with innovative visibility features (Google Maps based supervision map, VoIP/videoconferencing performance measurements…) and combine them with patented per session and behavior-based QoS algorithms to guarantee the best possible performance for interactive and real-time traffic. Streamcore key unique selling points are:

  1. Remote visibility + control services: an enterprise can deploy StreamGroomer appliances only at the Data Centers and centrally manage application performance for hundreds or thousands of remote branch office (no need to deploy software or hardware at the branch office).

  2. VoIP and videoconferencing management: by deploying StreamGroomer appliances at branch offices advanced passive performance measurements (packet loss, latency, MOS…) are provided for any real-time flows (VoIP, video). Advanced troubleshooting or high level reporting can be performed in order to follow communications performance from a network point of view. The best performance can be guaranteed by allocating dynamically a reserved bandwidth.

  3. Automated behavior based QoS engine: Streamcore patented ABBA engine automatically protects interactive sessions and guarantee a fair service between users whereas the advanced QoS protects VoIP /video and prioritize business applications with very simple provisioning.

  4. Business oriented management and reporting: enterprise can easily manage visibility and control services according to the IT or corporate organization (BU, geographical entities...). This makes Streamcore solutions very intuitive to use whether for technical people or decision-maker.

Targeted Users: Targeted users are government agencies and large enterprises with many sites connected to a corporate WAN. Service providers can also resell Streamcore solutions as a managed service.

Satisfied Customers: More than 290 customers including Volvo, Philips, Brink's.

Company: Streamcore
15 quai de Dion Bouton
92800 Puteaux France
Tel: +33 (0)1 47 86 83 10

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