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2009 Product Innovations

Network Security Solution

PoliWall ESE

Hardware, Software or Service: Hardware

Launched: September 2009 (New)

What it does? Our national security depends on protection at every level. Constantly evolving threats target every aspect of society. Through an intuitive interface the sophisticated technology behind PoliWall ESE enables organizations to stringently control access to private information with a few simple mouse clicks. The PoliWall ESE (Enterprise Security for Everyone) is a high performance hardware appliance with models specifically developed to protect large government agencies commercial enterprises and small and medium businesses. It provides unprecedented granular IP-based access control by rapidly filtering millions of global addresses with exceptions down to a single address. PoliWall ESE offers simplified traffic management and configuration to Stop a Country with a Click with its proprietary High-speed Internet Protocol Packet Inspection Engine (HIPPIEĀ®) filter. The appliance is interoperable with existing firewalls routers and other existing network components. The product enables organizations to block entire countries IP subnets ranges or specific IP addresses from accessing a network without introducing latency or impacting network performance. All of the PoliWall ESE appliances feature a streamlined user interface console to simplify management of inbound and outbound filters and authentication and access rules.

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TechGuard Security

2010 Product Innovations - Network Products Guide

What makes it Innovative? With assaults on the enterprise and our nation's critical infrastructures growing every day TechGuard strives to remain a step ahead of the hackers and the growing network threats. PoliWall is a unique bridging appliance that enhances existing firewalls and routers and reduces the complexity of managing complicated firewall rule sets. Network attacks have become global with daily reports of threat from China and Russia and North Korea. The PoliWall ESE provides the ability for organizations to protect themselves from these international attacks. The PoliWall ESE provides a straightforward geographical interface that allows organizations to simply click on a country to prevent all the IP addresses from that country to access its network while allowing trusted traffic from that country to access the network. The PoliWall also allows an organization to remain functional under cyberattack. It also provides support of pre-compiled exception lists up to 20 million entries without latency in the network and allows users to easily define and create custom inbound and outbound country filters. The appliance is easy to implement manage and use. When organizations implement the PoliWall ESE appliance there is no impact on network performance and no latency introduced to the network.

Targeted Users: Enterprise government agencies and SMBs.

Satisfied Customers: Yes, vendor claims satisfied customers.

Company: TechGuard Security
743 Spirit 40 Park Drive Suite 206,
Chesterfield MO 63005 USA
Tel: 636-519-4848

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