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2009 Product Innovations

Website Security


Hardware, Software or Service: Service

Launched: September 2009 (Upgrade)

What it does? b.Verity - Web based malware has emerged as a major threat for legitimate websites and web users. A successful attack will compromise the website as well as hundreds of end user's PC who visit the infected websites. A successful attack may result in loss of image reputation customer or revenue and potential legal or liability issues for the organization. For end users who get infected a malware can be used to conduct various malicious activities such as stealing of login credentials for banking applications. Verity is an advanced web malware detection service. It monitors websites for web malware or malicious changes that can harm end-user's computers. Armed with a unique proprietary "Website Integrity Checking" technology and "Smart Behavioral Analysis" it can detect known as well as zero-day malware.

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2010 Product Innovations - Network Products Guide

What makes it Innovative? b.Verity Legitimate websites with large audience are the prime targets for web malware attack. A normal anti-virus anti-spyware deployed on the server often fails to detect web malware infection. Web malware infects websites hosted on Unix systems too. Web malware attacks cannot be effectively tackled with traditional security measures. Verity is specifically designed to detect web malware infection. Its advanced technology includes "behavioral analysis" of web page elements such as Flash obfuscated JavaScript PDF files in a controlled environment and a unique proprietary "Website Integrity" checking algorithm. Verity detects known as well as zero-day web malware and provides prompt alerts. Apart from web malware Verity also detects any blacklisted Links/ URLs present in the website by comparing against multiple credible blacklist database. It also detects non-malicious changes that could result in possible website defacement. Websites can be continuously monitored using Verity to ensure early detection and prevention of web malware attacks. Scanning is carried out over the internet in a completely non-intrusive way and no hardware or software needs to be deployed on the websites which are monitored.

Targeted Users: Small medium large enterprises who have public websites

Satisfied Customers: Yes, vendor claims satisfied customers.

Company: Paladion Networks
12801 Worldgate Drive Ste 500, Herndon VA 20170 USA

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