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2009 Product Innovations

Security Gateway

Zix Email Encryption Service including the ZixDirectory, ZixPort and the ZixGateway 4.0

Hardware, Software or Service: A policy-based gateway

Launched: 2010 (New)

What it does? ZixGateway provides policy-based email encryption for regulatory compliance by enabling company-wide security content filtering and management of outbound corporate email. ZixGateway uniquely provides transparent email encryption between users by automating the exchange of encryption keys through the world's largest email encryption directory ZixDirectory. The new ZixGateway 4.0 release expands on the global ZixDirectory capabilities with localization that allow users to securely communicate in the language of their choice. In addition ZixGateway 4.0 provides increased flexibility with new virtualization support to manage resources across the enterprise. ZixGateway 4.0 addresses the requirements of organizations around the world for transparent policy-based email encryption.

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Innovative products, such as ZixGateway 4.0, are bringing essential and incremental changes and setting the bar higher for others in all areas of information technology.

2010 Product Innovations - Network Products Guide

What makes it Innovative? ZixDirectory is the largest and only shared infrastructure of public email encryption keys in the world. As an integral part of the service provided with ZixGateway and ZixMail the ZixDirectory enables users to transparently send and receive encrypted emails without having to exchange identities. Emails are automatically encrypted/decrypted at the network boundary creating transparency for users while allowing organizations to meet auditing and security requirements. In addition when used with either ZixGateway or ZixMail the ZixDirectory makes it possible to send secure emails to anyone anywhere without pre-registration or configuration using standard Push and Pull delivery methods.

Targeted Users: ZixCorp's target users are enterprises of all sizes with a primary emphasis on healthcare government and finance.

Satisfied Customers: Yes vendor claims satisfied customers including Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), Wellpoint Humana Comerica Bank.

Company: ZixCorp
2711 N. Haskell Ave. Suite 2300 LB 36,
Dallas TX 75204-2960 USA

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