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2009 Product Innovations

Security Audit

nCircle Suite360

Hardware, Software or Service: Software

Launched: Upgrade

What it does? nCircle Suite360™ offers a comprehensive suite of products for security and compliance auditing. Suite360 offers comprehensive asset discovery accuracy depth of coverage and reporting. The suite provides cost savings through agentless design and product integration and time savings through unified risk and compliance reporting. nCircle's solutions utilize agentless technology and a patented discovery methodology to ensure that every system on the network can be assessed for security risks and configuration compliance.

With an ever-growing library of over 29,000 conditions, Suite360 sets the industry standard for automatically discovering vulnerabilities applications services auditing configuration compliance and monitoring file integrity across an enterprise's entire network. By incorporating objective measurement and consistent risk scoring across the full product line nCircle Suite360 eliminates the confusion and high costs associated with the acquisition deployment and management of separate point products.

nCircle Suite360 benefits include:

  • Comprehensive View of Security and Compliance
  • Objective Metrics and Unified Scoring
  • Rapid Deployment and Instant Results
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Modular Architecture for Ease of Expansion
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Innovative products such as nCircle Suite360 are bringing improvements in comprehensive management of security and compliance and delivering objective metrics and unified scoring for audiences across an organization.

2010 Product Innovations - Network Products Guide

What makes it Innovative? A true measure of an innovative enterprise-class vulnerability and risk management system is coverage for the vast number of vulnerabilities found on today's enterprise networks and the ability to identify the operating systems and applications where these vulnerabilities are found. nCircle solutions set the industry standard for comprehensive asset discovery accuracy and vulnerability detection with over 29,000 covered conditions (vulnerabilities applications configurations and operating systems).

Proving nCircle's continue innovation and dedication to delivering the industry's broadest and deepest intelligence in 2009 nCircle solutions expanded its coverage library by 34% adding a whopping 7,000 new conditions. The detailed configuration and security intelligence gathered by nCircle's agentless discovery provides customers with the industry's most comprehensive foundation for reducing security risk and ensuring compliance at the lowest possible cost. Each condition can require one or several "checks" which carefully probe the device and ensure an accurate system profile. nCircle solutions automate this scanning process to provide a continuous comprehensive view of the network for improved security and compliance. No other company has been able to come close to nCircle in providing this level of coverage and dedication to its customers.

nCircle solutions are backed by nCircle VERT (Vulnerability and Exposures Research Team) as part of the most comprehensive support offering in the industry. VERT provides the most complete coverage of vulnerabilities and applications across the heterogeneous environments found in most enterprises enabling customers to focus their efforts on measuring managing and reducing their network risk.

Targeted Users: Large enterprises, government agencies and service providers worldwide.

Satisfied Customers: Yes, vendor claims satisfied customers.

Company: nCircle
101 Second Street Suite 400, San Francisco CA 94105 USA

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