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# 2013 IT Buyers Guide

What is IT Buyers Guide and World Report?
Network Products Guide plays a key role in linking decision makers, end-users and vendors. Decision makers and end-users trust this guide for the neutral role this global publication plays in disseminating information to them. They want to know more about a vendor from a publication like ours. The Buyers Guide pages help vendors gather information and narrow down their choices. Even though we can’t guarantee that you’ll get sudden burst of leads and new accounts from your web entry with us, it’s highly likely this will be the best money you’ll ever spend for marketing. And your listing will remain with us till end-of 2012 providing continuous visibility to your submitted content.

How soon will the submitted content be published in the online Buyers Guide?
Within 30 days of your submission all your content will be published.

What type of content can be submitted?
You may submit as much information as you want about your company, executives, products and so much more. Here's the complete list (DOWNLOAD THE DOCUMENT TO MAKE YOUR DRAFT ANSWERS):

  • Basic Company Details (FREE)
  • Extended Company Details and Profile
  • PR and Marketing Updates
  • Achievements and Recognitions Update
  • Events Update
  • Patent, Trademark, etc. Update
  • Brand and Corporate Update
  • Investor Relations Update
  • HR Update
  • Customer Satisfaction Story
  • Product Update
  • Product Portfolio
  • White Paper Summary
  • Deployment Scenario or Case Study Summary
  • Technologies Update
  • People Update
  • Online Executive Interviews
  • Business Development Update
  • Business or Market Expansion Update
  • Regional or Area Update
  • Partner, Channels, VARs, Retailers, etc. Update
  • All Other Updates

What type of content cannot be submitted?
You may submit content that talks positive about your company but not content that's negative about other companies or competitors. The editors review each content submitted and also take readers feedback. Content may be removed at the sole descrition of the editors of Network Products Guide.

What are the questions that need to be answered in the submission form for each of the above listed items?
Simply download the MS Word document to make your draft answers. And when you are ready to submit your content, go to the online form by clicking the "START NOW" button below.

Can we include images, photos and diagrams?
Yes. Please email them to us in high resolution jpeg or EPS format.

Is there a fee for submitting content?
Yes as detailed below. There's also a late fee of $15 per submission if not submitted by the due dates given below. The deadline time is 11PM (PST). Please note that Basic Company details are listed free.

Submit By Date If Submitted By
September 28,
If Submitted By
October 26,
If Submitted By
Nvoember 30,
If Submitted By
January 25,
Fee for each of the items US$150 US$185 US$220 US$255
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Best Products Awards

Nominations are invited from all over the world for the Annual Hot Companies and Best Products Awards. The annual recognitions program now has the following major sections making this one of the most complete IT awards program in the world:

  • Executive and Management Categories in IT
  • Hot Companies and Organization Categories
  • Best Product and Service Categories
  • PR, Corporate Communications & Investor Relations Categories
  • Product Management and Marketing Categories
  • Support and Customer Satisfaction Categories
  • Human Resources Categories

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