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2010 Best Products and Services

2010 Best Products and Services - Readers Trust

   Best in Anti-Spam Solution  
  Red Condor Message Assurance Gateway Hardware Red Condor Inc.  
   Best in Application Security Solution  
  Software Assurance Center Service Wipro Technologies  
   Best in Application Delivery Assurance  
  ExtraHop 5000 Application Delivery Assurance system Network Appliance ExtraHop Networks  
   Best in Applications  
  S2K Warehouse Management Software VAI  
   Best in Archive Solutions  
  StorHouse for Life Sciences Software FileTek Inc.  
   Best in Asset Management  
  Telogis Fleet Software-as-a-Service Telogis Inc.  
   Best in Authentication  
  Anakam.TFA Two Factor Authentication Software Anakam Inc.  
   Best in Automated Compliance Management  
  Ensim Unify Enterprise Edition Software Ensim Corporation  
   Best in Bandwidth Optimization  
  Bandwidth Optimizer Software Vantrix  
   Best in Biometrics  
  SEEK II Hardware and Software Cross Match Technologies Inc.  
   Best in Business Transaction Management  
  SharePath Software Correlsense  
   Best in Compliance  
  Reflexion Total Control Email Compliance Suite Hosted Service/ Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Reflexion Networks Inc.  
   Best in Computer Forensics  
  NextGen Hardware/ Software NetWitness Corporation  
   Best in Content Security Solution  
  InDorse InDIA Software InDorse Technologies  
   Best in Data Center Automation Tools  
  eNotify Remote Monitoring Service Service Eaton Corporation  
   Best in Data Center Management  
  nlyte Data Center Performance Management Suite Software nlyte Software  
   Best in Data Protection  
  Enterprise Data Obfuscation Solution Framework Software Wipro Technologies  
   Best in Electronic Discovery  
  Clearwell E-Discovery Platform Software Clearwell Systems Inc.  
   Best in Email & Archiving  
  ArchiveOne Express Software C2C Systems  
   Best in Email Security  
  Virtual Private SpammerTrap Premier Service SECNAP Network Security Corp  
   Best in Enterprise Desktop Management & Security  
  ANSA Platinum Software Autonomic Software Inc.  
   Best in Event Management  
  mSuite Version 3.5 Software Monolith Software  
   Best in Integrated Security Appliance (Hardware)  
  The Cisco ASA 5580-40 Hardware Cisco Systems, Inc.  
   Best in Intelligent Content Migration (ICM)  
  Trusted Edge┬« for Intelligent Content Migration Release 4.1 Software FileTek Inc.  
   Best in Internet Security  
  iovation ReputationManager Service iovation Inc.  
   Best in IT Governance Risk and Compliance  
  Mantra v7.4 Hardware Netezza  
   Best in IT Infrastructure  
  SpaceGAIN Cables and Patch Panels Hardware Black Box Network Services  
   Best in Large Enterprise Security  
  IPsonar Hardware Lumeta Corporation  
   Best in Managed Security Service  
  Aprigo NINJA Software Aprigo  
   Best in Mobile Solutions  
  Cisco Unified Mobile Communicator Software Cisco Systems, Inc.  
   Best in Multi- and Second-Factor Security  
  VeriSign Identity Protection (VIP) Authentication Service Cloud-based Authentication Service VeriSign Inc.  
   Best in NetFlow Analysis  
  NetFlow Auditor Software IdeaData  
   Best in Network Intelligence  
  Qosmos ixEngine Software Development Kit QOSMOS  
   Best in Network Management  
  PathSolutions Network Monitor 4.0 Software PathSolutions  
   Best in Network Reporting  
  Vista360 Software InfoVista  
   Best in Network Security Solution  
  Cisco IPS AIM Hardware Cisco Systems, Inc.  
   Best in Network Storage Solution  
  Cisco NSS 322 Smart Storage Hardware Cisco Systems, Inc.  
   Best in Network Video Storage  
  Drobo FS Hardware Data Robotics  
   Best in Network Visibility  
  StealthWatch Hardware Lancope  
   Best in Networking Solutions  
  OneConnect Universal Converged Network Adapters (UCNAs) Model #OCe10102 Hardware Emulex Corporation  
   Best in Policy Management  
  nCircle Configuration Compliance Manager Software nCircle  
   Best in Physical Security  
  AXIS Q6034 PTZ Network Camera Hardware Axis Communications  
   Best in Privileged Access Management  
  TPAM Suite Hardware eDMZ Security  
   Best in Protection  
  Qosmos ixMachine LI Edition Hardware/ Software Solution QOSMOS  
   Best in Public Key Infrastructure  
  VeriSign Managed PKI Service Managed Service VeriSign Inc.  
   Best in Remote Access  
  KN4140v (40-Port CAT5 IP KVM Switch) Hardware ATEN  
   Best in RFID  
  Cart Delivery & Management System Hardware and Software FleetMind Solutions Inc.  
   Best in Risk Management  
  Stature Software Dyadem  
   Best in Routers  
  V1000/V1000H Hardware Actiontec  
   Best in SaaS (Software as a Service) and Cloud Computing  
  Plex Online Software-as-a-Service Plex Systems  
   Best in SaaS Assessment and Compliance  
  Aprigo NINJA Software Aprigo  
   Best in Security Management  
  SenSage 4.5 Software SenSage  
   Best in Security Solution for Government  
  Cisco Identity-Based Networking Services (IBNS) Software and Hardware Cisco Systems, Inc.  
   Best in Security Testing  
  Hailstorm 6.5 Software Cenzic  
   Best in Server Solutions  
  CL5800N (19" LCD Dual Rail Console) Hardware ATEN  
   Best in SOA  
  Repository Manager 6.2 Software SOA Software  
   Best in Software  
  Process Director Software BP Logix Inc.  
   Best in Storage  
  ESVA F60 Fibre Channel Storage Solution Hardware Infortrend Corporation  
   Best in Surveillance  
  Lookout Collector Software Cross Match Technologies Inc.  
   Best in Terminal Emulation  
  Wavelink Terminal Emulation Suite 7.2 Software Wavelink  
   Best in Test Measurement and Monitoring  
  Netropy Hardware Apposite Technologies  
   Best in Unified Communications  
  PRO 9470 Hardware Jabra  
   Best in Video  
  DCM Model D9900 Hardware Cisco Systems, Inc.  
   Best in Virtual Network Security  
  Cloud Guard Unified Enterprise Cloud Security CGS 3300-EC2 Security Appliance Suite (Hardware and Software) and Managed Services Global DataGuard  
   Best in Virtualization  
  vDesk Software RingCube Technologies Inc.  
   Best in Virtualized Server Security  
  PowerBroker for Virtualization Software BeyondTrust  
   Best in VoIP  
  Interaction SIP Station Hardware Interactive Intelligence Inc.  
   Best in Vulnerability Assessment/Remediation  
  nCircle Suite360 Software nCircle  
   Best in WANs  
  nGenius Integrated Agent for Cisco ISR Software NetScout Systems, Inc.  
   Best in Web 2.0 Security  
  Hailstorm 6.5 Software Cenzic  
   Best in Web 2.0 Tools  
  Vista360 Software InfoVista  
   Best in Wireless  
  TruLink 60GHz WirelessHD Kit Hardware Cables To Go  
   Best in Wireless Broadband Mobility Solution  
  Avalanche 5 Software Wavelink  
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