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2009 Product Innovations

Managed File Transfer

Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) Server™

Hardware, Software or Service: Software

Launched: Fall 2009 (Upgrade)

What it does? Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) Server allows organizations to securely implement managed and ad hoc file transfers among worldwide offices, customers, and partners. EFT Server ensures the highest levels of compliance with government data security and privacy regulations such as PCI DSS, FIPS, HIPAA and SOX along with corporate security policies. EFT Server's flexible platform allows easy customization with modules and professional services, including workflow automation, auditing and reporting, and high security capabilities. GlobalSCAPE won an additional high-profile contract with the U.S. Army during 2009 and was named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Managed File Transfer.

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GlobalSCAPE Inc.

Innovative products such as EFT Server are bringing improvements in security and compliance, efficiency, and ease of use.

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What makes it Innovative? EFT Server ensures compliance with government regulations on protecting information and allows enterprises to reduce IT costs, increase efficiency, track and audit transactions, and automate processes. With the release of EFT Server 6 during 2009, GlobalSCAPE established a flexible architecture that scales easily from small businesses to global enterprises. No other managed file transfer product provides an equivalent level of compatibility with industry standards and support for regulatory compliance mandates (including FIPS 140-2, Drummond AS2, and Cisco Unified Call Manager certifications). EFT Server received a Certificate of Networthiness (CoN) from the U.S. Army Network Technology Command (NETCOM) in October 2009. The CoN states that GlobalSCAPE's EFT Server can be used to secure or improve upon existing measures for transmitting data over the LandWarNet. The LandWarNet delivers data and information to the Army's brigades battalions and lower echelons enabling the distributed operations required to support net-centric operations. The LandWarNet environment directly supports timely secure delivery of Army logistics support worldwide. EFT Server is also able to bolster the security to FIPS 140-2 standards for customer systems not currently using approved encryption methods. EFT Server also received an Advanced Workflow Engine (AWE) module during 2009. The AWE module allows customers to easily integrate managed file transfers with existing back-end systems. Administrators can use the easy drag-and-drop interface to define complex tasks typically defined in custom scripts or other code-intensive processes without writing 1 line of code. The AWE module helps business to reduce risk and increase efficiency of their file-centric processes.

Targeted Users: Enterprises, both large and small, across most industries, especially those verticals that face data security and privacy regulations and mandates.  Governments customers also are a key customer group for GlobalSCAPE.

Satisfied Customers: The U.S. Army and the Broward County Sheriff's Department, along with many of the Fortune 500 enterprises.

Company: GlobalSCAPE Inc.
4500 Lockhill-Selma Suite 150 San Antonio TX 78249
Main Phone: 210-308-8267   Toll Free: 1-800-290-5054

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