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2009 Product Innovations

2010 Product Innovations

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   Product Innovation - Access Compliance and Risk Management  
  Courion Access Assurance Suite version 8.0 Software Courion Corporation  
   Product Innovation - Anti-Malware Solution  
  Forefront Threat Management Gateway 2010 Software Microsoft, Inc.  
   Product Innovation - Anti-Spam Hardware Solution  
  Red Condor Message Assurance Gateway Network Appliance Hardware Red Condor Inc.  
   Product Innovation - Application Security Solution  
  NeXpose Software/ Appliance Rapid7  
   Product Innovation - Asset Management Solution  
  Asset Lifecycle Manager 4.0 Software LANDesk  
   Product Innovation - Authentication Solution  
  Stealth MXP Bio Hardware MXI Security  
   Product Innovation - Bandwidth Optimization Solution  
  StreamGroomer v5.3 Hardware Streamcore  
   Product Innovation - Business Intelligence  
  WIRe (Web Intelligence Reporting) Service ScanSafe  
   Product Innovation - Business Transaction Management  
  CoreFirst 3.0 Software OpTier  
   Product Innovation - Business-to-Business  
  nuBridges Exchange 3.0 Software/ Service nuBridges Inc.  
   Product Innovation - Compliance  
  SecureAware® v3.7.0 Software / Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Lightwave Security  
   Product Innovation - Data Protection  
  InDorse Call-Home Software InDorse Technologies  
  PacketSentry TN3270 mainframe support Software Appliance PacketMotion Inc.  
   Product Innovation - eDiscovery  
  Intelligent Information Management Platform Appliance (Hardware + Software) StoredIQ  
   Product Innovation - Endpoint Security Solution  
  Security Suite 9.0 Software LANDesk  
   Product Innovation - End-User Monitoring  
  OpTier Experience Manager Software OpTier  
   Product Innovation - Enterprise 2.0  
  Kontiki VideoCenter Enterprise Social Video Portal Software-as-a-Service Kontiki  
   Product Innovation - Forensics Solution  
  Solera Networks DS 5150 Network Forensics Appliance version 4.0 Hardware and Software Solera Networks  
   Product Innovation - Information Monitoring and Filtering Solution  
  Spector 360 Software SpectorSoft Corporation  
   Product Innovation - Internet Filtering  
  Optinet Hardware (with separate SKU for software license) Black Box Network Services  
   Product Innovation - IT Infrastructure  
  ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus 7.6 Software ManageEngine  
   Product Innovation - Managed File Transfer  
  Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) Server™ Software GlobalSCAPE Inc.  
   Product Innovation - Management and Security  
  Management Suite 9.0 Software LANDesk  
   Product Innovation - Mobile Solutions  
  Globaltel Media Mobile Campaign Manager and Alirti Software/ Service Globaltel Media  
  Good for Enterprise 6.0 Software Good Technology  
  CipherLab 9600 Series Industrial Mobile Computer Hardware/ Software CipherLab USA  
  Kronos Workforce Mobile™ Scheduler Software Kronos Incorporated  
   Product Innovation - Monitoring Access  
  Director Xstream Hardware Net Optics  
   Product Innovation - Multi-Factor Authentication  
  PhoneFactor Biometric Voice Authentication Software PhoneFactor Inc.  
   Product Innovation - NetFlow  
  StealthWatch Hardware Lancope  
   Product Innovation - Network Access Control (NAC)  
  Veri-NAC Hardware Black Box Network Services  
   Product Innovation - Network Flow Processor  
  NFP-32xx Hardware Netronome  
   Product Innovation - Network Management  
  Cymtec Sentry 3.0 Software Cymtec Systems  
  Eye of the Storm (EYE) 2010 Software Entuity  
  WhatsUp Gold v14.1 Software Ipswitch Inc.  
  Meraki Wireless LAN Hardware/ Service Meraki Inc.  
  NetBrain Workstation Software NetBrain Technologies Inc.  
   Product Innovation - Network Security Solution  
  PoliWall ESE Hardware TechGuard Security  
   Product Innovation - Network Video Storage  
  Pivot3 MiniBank™ Hardware/ Software Pivot3  
   Product Innovation - Network Visibility  
  StealthWatch Hardware Lancope  
   Product Innovation - Portable Devices  
  Apple iPad Hardware Apple  
   Product Innovation - Portable Media  
  Stealth MXP Bio Hardware MXI Security  
   Product Innovation - Power Back-up  
  Eaton 9395 UPS with Energy Saver System Hardware Eaton  
  VDC Hardware VYCON  
   Product Innovation - Privileged Access Lifecycle Management (PALM)  
  Privilege Manager 4.7 Software BeyondTrust  
   Product Innovation - Project Management Software  
  Project Insight Web-based Project Management Software Version 8.2 Software as a Service (SaaS) Project Insight  
   Product Innovation - Regulatory Compliance  
  Modulo Risk Manager version 5.4 Software/ Service Modulo  
   Product Innovation - Remote Access Solution  
  AccessIT Hardware Minicom Advanced Systems  
   Product Innovation - Risk Management Solution  
  Stature Software Platform Dyadem  
   Product Innovation - Routers  
  V1000H Hardware Actiontec  
   Product Innovation - SaaS (Software as a Service) and Cloud Computing  
  Adaptive Planning 6.5 Software Adaptive Planning  
  vSearch with Virtual Event Software Altus Learning Systems  
  GFI MAX RemoteManagement Service GFI Software  
  LiveOps On-Demand Contact Center Platform Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) LiveOps  
  Plex Online Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Plex Systems  
  Service Cloud 2 Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)  
   Product Innovation - SaaS Business Application for SMB  
  GPS Insight Fleet Tracking Solution Software GPS Insight LLC  
   Product Innovation - Secure Storage  
  GoldKey KryptoVault Secure Data Storage Hardware and Software GoldKey Security Corp.  
   Product Innovation - Security Audit  
  nCircle Suite360 Software nCircle  
   Product Innovation - Security Gateway  
  Zix Email Encryption Service including the ZixDirectory ZixPort and the ZixGateway 4.0 A policy-based gateway ZixCorp  
   Product Innovation - Security Information Management (Hardware)  
  nFX Cinxi One Hardware netForensics  
   Product Innovation - Security Information Management (Software)  
  EventTracker 6.4 Software Prism Microsystems  
   Product Innovation - Security Management Solution  
  ManageISMS Software Paladion Networks  
   Product Innovation - Security Solution for Enterprise (Medium)  
  Anti-Executable Software Faronics  
   Product Innovation - Server Desktops  
  Kaviza VDI-in-a-box Software Kaviza  
   Product Innovation - Smart Cards  
  ID-One™ PIV BIO Hardware Oberthur Technologies  
   Product Innovation - Software  
  Process Director Software BP Logix  
  Epicor 9 Software Epicor Software Corporation  
  ILINX Capture version 4.0 Software ImageSource Inc.  
  Netformx DesignXpert® v12.0 Software Netformx  
  Savant Protection Version 3.3 Software Savant Protection  
   Product Innovation - Storage  
  APTARE StorageConsole 7.1 Software APTARE  
  ActiveStor Series 9 Hardware and Software Panasas  
  Permabit Enterprise Archive Data Center Series Model 4010 Hardware Permabit  
  Zetta Enterprise Cloud Storage Service Zetta  
   Product Innovation - Test Measurement and Monitoring  
  Sentry Hardware + Software Mixed Signals  
   Product Innovation - Unified Communications (Hardware)  
  NetVanta® Unified Communications (UC) Solution Suite Hardware and Software ADTRAN  
   Product Innovation - Unified Communications (Software)  
  Ensim Unify Enterprise Edition Version 2.7 Software Ensim Corporation  
   Product Innovation - Virtualization (Hardware)  
  Virtensys VIO-4000 series I/O virtualization switch Hardware Virtensys  
   Product Innovation - Virtualization (Software)  
  AppSense Environment Manager 8.0 Software AppSense  
   Product Innovation - VoIP  
  Ooma Telo Hardware/ Service Ooma  
   Product Innovation - Web Application Firewall  
  ThreatSentry Software Privacyware  
   Product Innovation - Website Security  
  Verity Service Paladion Networks  
   Product Innovation - WiFi Product or Service  
  AirMagnet Spectrum XT Hardware and Software AirMagnet a Fluke Networks company  
   Product Innovation - WiMAX Product or Service  
  Motorola Access Service Network 1000 (ASN 1000) Hardware Motorola Inc.  
   Product Innovation - Wireless Broadband Mobility Solution  
  Novatel Wireless MiFi - Intelligent Mobile Hotspot Hardware/ Software Novatel Wireless  
  Wavelink Avalanche Mobility Center 5.0 Software Wavelink  
   Product Innovation - Wireless USB  
  Wireless USB to VGA with Integrated Audio Software Cables To Go  
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