Marcus Chung

CEO | BoldCloud | San Jose, California, USA

I have been an active part of the Security Industry for over 18 years and working in key management roles for companies such as Sygate Technologies, Symantec, GreenBorder (acquired by Google), Bell Micro (acquired by AVNET), Malwarebytes and currently BoldCloud.

My passion is both helping people and small to medium businesses with addressing their security needs. I strongly believe this SMB market is underserved and targeted by today’s opportunistic attackers.
I have extensive experience in various Endpoint Security technologies, Firewalls, Anti-Malware, Email Security, Backup and advanced Data Protection technologies. I am a current member of both ISACA and Infragard – two organizations that actively help businesses stay safe from threats.

I would look forward to contributing my thoughts in serving as a judge alongside my colleagues.