Recommendations for improving the security posture of your organization

Innovative IT is a Las Vegas based information technology security, compliance and governance consulting firm. Our clients are nationwide and come from many industries including Gaming, Non- Profits, Higher Education, Pharmaceuticals, Insurance, and Healthcare.

In the following interview, Mary Siero, CEO and President of Innovative IT discusses with Network Products Guide, editor-in-chief of Network Products Guide, recommendations for improving the security posture of your organization.

Network Products Guide: How can Innovative IT help organizations in enhancing their security and compliance requirements?

Mary Siero: Security and compliance are “always on” type of activities. Typically organizations perform a “point in time” check of their security and compliance requirements and then fix whatever problems they find at that time. Innovative IT performs programmatic assessments that look at the processes and governance of your organization to determine if those “point in time” checks are being maintained throughout daily operations. Based on our assessment results, we work with you to create an Action Plan to implement best practices and controls in a prioritized fashion to remediate issues and concerns.

About Mary Siero

Mary is an executive level IT Consultant with experience in several industries including Gaming and Hospitality, Healthcare, Consumer Products and Manufacturing. Over her 30 year career, Mary has developed and managed IT security, risk, compliance and operational environments. She was the February 2011 recipient of the CISO of the Year Award and is a past recipient of the Corporate Achievement Award for Hispanic women. She is a Charter Member of the FBI Las Vegas Citizen’s Academy Alumni Association, a current Board Member for the Southern Nevada Chapter of Infragard, and is a member in good standing of (ISC)2, ISSA, and ISACA.

Network Products Guide: What types of awareness trainings are currently available from Innovative IT and how can organizations benefit from these?

Mary Siero: Security Awareness Training is the number one recommendation for improving the security posture of your organization. Through this training, your employees will understand their role in protecting company assets. Innovative IT works with you to customize the training that best fits your organizational culture so that it is effective. Typically our training includes a combination of approaches to reach the broadest possible audience. General user awareness sessions, email blasts, posters, contests and training targeted to the specific employee role are all tactics to influence employee behavior and increase their vigilance in protecting your assets.

Network Products Guide: What would you like to advise today’s CSOs when it comes to security and compliance?

Mary Siero: Your job is made much easier by making security and compliance a “way of life”. Maintaining a good governance program with strong controls will embed the right principles into your organization and establish a “security culture”.

Company: Innovative IT, Las Vegas, U.S.A.

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